Bought a Kelly bag for my mom... but have doubts

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  1. Hi all
    new to the forum...

    I just purchased a Kelly bag off someone that is going through a divorce... the bag looks pretty real... I also bought a few high end watches (all in the $20,000+ range) from the same person (all watches are real) so i figure the bag would be real.

    However, i did some reasearch on the Kelly bag... mine doesn't have a "H" on the zipper as a Birkin would have, but I also read on this forum, not all Kelly's have the "H" on the zipper anyway.

    I am looking at the stamp on the strap... and it looks strange a bit.... does anyone have a nice clear pic of their stamp on the strap?

    thanks, any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Mayhap one of our awesome mods will move it there to help this nice feller out (very sweet of you to get that bag for you Mum!).

    Hope you get all your concerns answered! I wish I was an expert!
  3. Oh! And welcome to the tPF!
  4. Let us know how you get along with the authenticate this thread

    Thats so lovely of you to think of your mother I am sure she will just be swept of her feet.

    Welcome and do let us know how it goes

  5. Like the previous posts said, please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate this Hermes thread in the Hermes Shopping section of this subforum. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.