Bought a GST from Atlanta this morning!

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  1. I have been "doing my homework" on this site about what I wanted my FIRST REAL CHANEL bag to be. I have always liked the GST (even though I didn't know that was the name of it) I had seen it on "THE HILLS". Anywho, I took a shot at it and called the Saks in Birmingham and Atlanta and no luck. Atlanta's Saks said they have had a wait list since Dec. I called Neiman's in Atlanta and I lucked out and happed to talk to a girl who had ordered one for a lady and when it came in it wasn't the bag she wanted. It was in the back, so I asked how much and it was $17whatever so I said SOLD!! I should receive it Friday!! :yes:
  2. Congratulations! It was meant to be for you. Everyone has been looking for a GST lately, knowing that it is going up in price in April ($1895).
  3. Wow, congrats on your find!
  4. Yeah- congrats and don't forget to post pics when she arrives!
  5. just got mine-you will love it
  6. what color is it? i've been waiting for the black with silver hardware for 3 weeks
  7. Congratulations!!!! Heidi Wears The GST & Lauren Wears The Medallion. Too Funny!!!

    I Need To Search For The GST In White....
  8. Saks nyc has it w/ silver
  9. I know it's Black but you know I never even asked what color the hardware was? I was just shocked one was available. I quess I'll find out Friday/
  10. Congrats, post pictures when you can. You will love this bag.
  11. **Congrats** Can't wait to see it!! :yahoo: