Bought a Fradulant LV Speedy =(

  1. is the sitution..I purchased a bag. looked good and had it looked by pics...bought on Sunday. I checked my e-mail yesterday and seller has been removed from ebay/suspended. I was told to immediately to file a chargeback w/ paypal. I did. The bag came in yesterday as well, is fraudulent. Has plastic pouch inside..:cursing: and LV heat stamp is printed!. I wrote said buyer and told her to immediately refund my money and then I would cancel my paypal claim. She told me to send the bag back...I did at 8:30 a.m. today...w/ tracking, postal personnel confirmation as well. Please keep your fingers crossed for me....:confused1:
  2. OMG Ghost! I am so sorry this happened to you... I am keeping my toes crossed for you as well. This happened to me years ago when I first starting buying LV on eBay - the seller DID refund ALL my money but I was so stressed out. Keep us posted.
  3. That's awful, I'm sorry Ghost.
  4. Thanks all! :flowers: I actually am not too stressed as ebay was the one who alerted me. So~ therefore they must be on my side. Hopefully if she is smart...she will issue the refund immediately upon receipt of the bag. If not~ my neighbor is a lawyer:yes: heheheheheheh:nuts:

    Oh! I almost forgot...I took a ton of pics....Major documentation =)
  5. Awww. I hope she won't give you any problems with it.
  6. Good plan! I know you have had so many troubles getting your speedy too (didn't one lady decide not to sell it or something?), I hope this gets sorted out!
  7. Update~ I have sent the bag back...Priorty mail w/ additional postal confirmation of delivery. Pay pal has closed my claim as when I filed I only had 2 choices. 1) not received and 2) item not as described. Well I had no idea why ebay told me to contact paypal and get a I chose not delivered. Well since it was delivered paypal cancelled my claim.:cursing: In the meantime she has opened up a new account I believe under: Wowsmoothshop
    eBay: AUTH*USED* LOUIS VUITTON EPI VINTAGE SPEEDY 25 BAG (item 110048926894 end time Oct-29-06 18:02:36 PST)

    As this IS the same bag I supposedly won! The pictures are of an authentic bag...BUT not the one I received. Mine was plastic etc....see ungodly pics...I tried to contact ebay but they sent me a e-mail stating they cannot look at closed auctions...What???? I was telling them to compare my fraudulent auction to the newly listed one...:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    So the seller sent me an email stating she will let me know when she gets the bag. I told her if she does not refund $ upon receipt I will file a new claim under fraudulent item... What a pain in the A....!

    Look at the PlaStIc pouch! Yuck!!!!!
    IMG_0734.JPG IMG_0728.JPG
  8. awww that sucks!! I hope you get your $$ back!!
  9. Can you do a chargeback with your credit card company?
  10. UH-OH, you;ve fallen into the paypal trap: you're option should have been "not as described". ebay are pretty inflexible too, almost every email they send if automated. (also, if pay via paypal, ebay will pass on any probelms to them! :cursing:)

    Hopefully the seller will send you your refund. if not, try and open a "not as described " dispute.

    In the meantime, report their new account to ebay. If they've re-registered after being banned they'll get banned again.
  11. :wtf:

    Do a chargeback with the credit card company that you paid for the bag for. ...You did pay with a CC, right???

  12. Unfortunately against my better judgement...I did not. I had $ sitting in there and my DH did NOT want me to put more $ on my CC. so.....I have to wait and see. She should get the bag today. I sent it wed. Morning.:yes:
  13. ^I'm crossing my fingers. I hope everything turns out okay. If not, file the claim on "item not as described" (if this is possible). I'm sorry this turned you off against anything green for a while!
  14. I hope everything turns out ok. I had a similar situation but it took ages to get the situation handled! I hate people that do that its so frustrating.
  15. Good luck with this- I'm rooting for ya!:death: to fakers!