Bought a few LVs lately~ *pic*~

  1. Hello~

    finally got the time to post some pics~:p

    my interest broke down for 2 days:crybaby:

    here are the things I bought last week~

    panda cles is from bf for xmas ^^"
    Denim cruise line pouch~ really cute:yes: they only received 2 in auckland at the time:love:
    Teddy bear pins set~
    Icon book x 2


    And I'm still waiting for 2 things to arrive~(satin shoes & cherry conte de fees wallet)

    more detailed pics are in my collection (link in sig.)
  2. Aww! All your items are sooo cute! :love: them all!
  3. Great pieces sleepkitten! Can't wait to see the shoes! Congrats!
  4. Very cute!!
  5. Oooh the little denim accessory is just too cute ! :yes:
  6. Absolutely adorable stuff! Love the raye pouch! :heart:
  7. cute! i love the denim pouch
  8. :yahoo: thank you all~~~
  9. love the denim!!Do you remember how much they are?
  10. the denim pouch is $730 NZ (x 0.7 = US)
  11. Very cute additions to your collection!
    What will you do with the teddy bears?
  12. teddy bear pins are bought originally for bf, but he's not into I will keep them, haha

    may be pin them on to bags or tops~ looks cute

    Rebecca also wears it as necklace :smile:
  13. it's all so cute, especially the pouch! congrats!
  14. I love everything! I want that Demin Pouch!!! You can such a cute cute accessory collection :love:
  15. awww... Denim pochette is really cute.