Bought a fake, now trying to get my ££ back & kick some fraudster butt..any advice?

  1. Sorry for the long email to come, but here is the situation thus far....

    I purchased a horrendous fake Chanel bag on eBay, and paid via PayPal. As soon as the bag was received I knew it was fake, and after no response from the seller after a couple of days I filed a dispute with PayPal. PayPal thus instructed me to send the bag back to the seller, who had moved to Australia from the UK in the time that the auction had ended and the bag was delivered to me. PayPal provided me with a PO Box in Australia to send the bag to. However, the seller emailed me saying she was sorry I was unhappy with the bag, and provided a London address saying her friend would sign for the bag so I wouldn’t have to pay for postage to Oz. Stupidly, I did as she requested!!! I came back from travelling for work to find the bag had been returned to my address as the “friend” said the seller didn’t live at that address. And in the meantime the dispute had been closed.

    So, I called PayPal and explained the situation and after a bit of a tussle (owing to the fact the seller had emailed me directly, rather than through PayPal) they agreed that if I re-posted the bag to her Australian address they would consider reopening the dispute, but they couldn’t really enforce a refund?? I have since heard nothing further from the seller, despite a scathing email to her after the package was refused by her “friend”. I also filed a request with eBay last week after the package was sent back to me to reveal the seller’s personal details so I could try calling her, but have heard nothing further from eBay….is this normal?

    Next step…I called my credit card company yesterday to lodge a dispute. They are sending me a form to fill out, and I have to provide a written statement from someone in the know on letterhead paper that the bag is fake. I’m in the UK, so I’m not quite sure who can do this for me. Would a Chanel store do this? I’d be way too embarrassed to show up in a Chanel store with the piece of rubbish I have!! I don’t quite know who else to ask….I know of MyPoupette, but I don’t quite know how this works in terms of me being the UK (and I think this is a US service?).

    Lastly, this woman seriously disgusts me! Is there anything else I can do? Report her to Chanel? Get a lawyer on to her in Australia? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I am so angry that she would dare to take a substantial amount of money from someone for something so fake. It’s the principle of the thing!!! It’s like stealing!!! Surely there’s something more than can be done than just getting my money back (if I’m that lucky!!).

    Any advice anyone can provide on the entire situation would be hugely appreciated, from dealing with PayPal, to getting the bag verified as being fake, to nailing this awful, lying woman for fraud!!! Help me kick some fake-ster butt :boxing:
  2. This si kinda odd, so you sent the bag back and paypal didn't give you a refund? What was the reason for that?
    Anyway, I'm sure that a Chanel store would do that or even a boutique in Harvey nichs, or selfridges, and I'm almost certain mypoupette would say it's a fake too even though you're a UK'er and not a US'er. lol
    Anyway good luck!!!!
  3. Yep, unfortunately I was out of the country when the bag came back to me and because PayPal hadn't heard anything further from me they assumed that the case had been resolved. I tried to explain that the seller had given me a different address, but they said they couldn't use that email as proof of anything because she'd emailed me directly and providing a copy of the email would be "third party evidence". I think that's crazy! It basically means the seller could say whatever she wanted in direct emails, with no repurcussions.
  4. Chanel have a very strict policy and won't authenticate merchandise but my mum did have mypoupette do an authentication and all she had to do was email detailed pics of the bag with her username in the background.

    If you get mypoupette to do it make sure you get in early as they took quite a long time and actually forgot, therefore she had to send several emails reminding them that the deadline was approaching.