Bought a fake LV - seller won't take it back:(

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    We'll, after buying quite a few preloved LVs on ebay, I finally bought a fake:sad:. I asked beforehand about authenticity, if seller was original owner, what condition etc, but when it arrived I was sceptical. I took additional pics and submitted them here for the lovely authenticators to have a look at and it was deemed a fake. I contacted the seller and let her know that the purse was not an authentic LV. She said that her auction stated no returns and accused me of impulse buying and buyers remorse. She said that if I wanted a second opinion, she is telling me herself that it is a genuine LV. I escalated the dispute to Paypal since the seller denied my request for a return and a refund. The seller then turned down my refund request and escalated the case herself. I have now contacted CarolDiva and will submit that report to paypal once I receive it.

    The email that paypal just sent me says that they will read both statements and make a decision. They state that they don't need any info from me. It really upsets me that I am out all this money for a replica purse. Is there anything else I should be doing. Thanks for reading......
  2. Yes. You should contact eBay over the phone and explain the situation. If you send the purse back, make sure you will ship it signature required and insured ( in case of any scam). Sorry for your negative experience.
  3. She cannot file with eBay since she already filed with PayPal.
  4. I tried to file with eBay, but I was directed ( through eBay) to file through paypal.
  5. I would call PP and let them know that you're waiting on an authenticity report from CarolDiva - without that, they could close the claim in favor of the seller.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I just called Paypal to let them know that I will be submitting the report from CarolDiva. They have put a hold on the dispute until they receive it.
  7. I'm not sure Carol would have been the best choice for a Damier bag. (But I'm not an LV authenticator; I just know that the damiers are well-faked and with Carol's record of mistakes, I'd have chosen someone else. JMHO.)

    Perhaps if you refer the seller to the authentication, that might help. As a brand new seller, it's in her best interest to issue a refund rather than let ebay/pp decide the case!

    Here's the listing:

    Note that jillbixby12 changed her ID today to iiirdeyeview
  8. I knew that she was a new seller and took a chance (my mistake). Judging by the way she is answering my emails, it would appear that she has sold on ebay before as she is adamant about not accepting the return and accusing me of offending her by suggesting that the purse is a replica and questioning her reputation as seller?

    Who else would I get an authentication from? I am willing to submit it again for a third opinion? Thank you for your input.
  9. Authenticate4U is much more reputable than Carol in terms of mistakes......
  10. Authenticate4U is a good suggestion, and it won't hurt to have another JIC, but I think Carol should be okay with this one - for authenticators, that's a fairly obvious fake..
  11. I just got an email from Paypal stating that they need me to send them a document "from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer, appraiser or an organization that is qualified in the area of the item in question ( other than you)."

    I hope that CarolDiva applies to this situation. Does anyone know how long she takes? I submitted info last night but have not heard a thing back. I thought maybe I would get an acknowledgment email but nothing so far. Fingers crossed:smile:
  12. Which service did you ask her for? You will need more than the few dollars email authentication to have any chance of success with a PP claim.

    If you haven't contacted her to explain you need authentication for a PP claim then you won't have paid for the right service as she will issue you with a price list (the faster you need the authentication letter, the more expensive it is if she is still using the same pricing structure).
  13. Authenticate4u replies quickly and the turnaround time is fast IMO. I'm not sure if it's OK to post her link here but google the name and you will find her site. Very user friendly. Choose the written PP Statement (under services - $50) and include a note that you need this quickly.
  14. A big thank you for all the advice that has been given here. I have not heard back from CarolDiva and there is nothing on the website that tells you you need something different for a PP dispute. I just contacted authenticate4U and paid for the PP letter so again, thank you! Here's hoping that I receive it in time to upload to PP. What a HUGE headache this has been. I am done with eBay!
  15. Well you've got the ball roling but I thought Carol's website was quite clear as it says:

    "Authentication letters are on company letterhead and used for submission with fraud claims to eBay, PayPal, credit card companies and the U.S.P.S. with mail fraud claims. Please contact for more information and fee structure for letters."

    Have used both A4U and caroldiva in the past. Both have been accepted by PP and both replied within 48 hours.