Bought A Fake Lv On Ebay!!! What Should I Do To Get My Money Back?

  1. hi everyone, I am from Canada. I bought a fake perfo speedy from a eBay seller in US. :cursing: I just found out shes not a registered eBay member anymore after the purchase!! I have already sent her many emails and she just ignore me. and I have openned a dispute through paypal, she just ignore that, too. :sad: ANYONE here know how I can get my money back? please please help me!!

    Here i have to attach her name and paypal acc# to aware everyone about this seller.
  2. just wanna more people see it and help me out!
  3. Please read the forum rules. Double posting is not allowed.

    Why don't you try posting on the eBay sub-discussion forum under shoes, purses and accessories. There are a lot of people there who will be able to give you good ideas. You may just have to wait to see what happens with your paypal dispute since you said you opened one. If they find in your favor, they will likely refund your money if she has enough feedback to be covered. If you paid with a credit card, you can also open a dispute with your credit card company and try a chargeback. I've never done that, but have heard that some people have been successful in this situation.

    I also don't think it's probably appropriate to put someone's name on the forum the way you did. Probably fine to list the auction, but putting her actual name - I don't think that's appropriate. If for some reason the bag was found to be authentic, she could take legal action against you for libeling her in print.

    In the future, you may want to post auctions you are considering in the "authenticate this" thread so people can help. I hope you are able to get it resolved. Good luck! - I hate it when people take advantage of people by selling fakes and if she did - I hope you are able to get full legal recourse. It is a felony in the U.S. to sell a counterfeit bag - and a second felony to transport through the U.S. Mail Service. I'm not sure what the situation is in Canada, so you may want to follow up with your mail authorities there. You can also contact the criminal authorities in the county where the seller lives and see if they will assist you.
  4. Please do not ever post another person's personal info here, like their full name, e-mail addy, etc. . .
    also, this is a duplicate post/thread which is not permitted and this is not the right Forum.

    I closed the other one and am moving this to the eBay Forum since this is an eBay topic.
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  6. everyone, help me please
  7. It's a holiday, please be patient. People were out very late last night. . . give it some time today.

  8. I noticed you just double posted on the ebay forum as well. Please give people a chance to read your thread and assist you. They just asked you to self-report one of those threads as well. It is a holiday morning, so please give people a chance. There are great people on both forums if you can just be patient. However, I know at least on the Ebay forum they get irritated with double posting so you may not get as much help if you don't wait for responses.

    You may also want to give paypal a chance to play out their investigation. That may take several weeks.
  9. ^this is in the eBay Forum. . . she posted 2 times in LV, I closed one and moved the other :yes:
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  11. Swanky - I was talking about a new duplicate post in the actual Ebay Shoes Purses and accessories forum, not our wonderful forum here. She double posted there too. It's on the ebay discussion forum on the actual ebay site. I'm sorry I wasn't clearer - what I meant was for her to be patient on both forums, to give people a chance to respond, not just on the purse forums, since it's a holiday.

    The responses on the other forum are a little eye-opening though.
  12. if you've used your credit card through PayPal, just call your credit card company and do a chargeback. that should speed things up. paypal claim will take forever. just do a chargeback through your credit card company. goodluck!
  13. As you've already opened a dispute through Paypal, all you can do is sit tight, and wait.

    And contact your seller, either by email, or through Ebay messaging to find out what's going on.:yes:

    Even if the seller is no longer registered they can still have limited access to their account.

    It may be that they've just been temporarily suspended and will be re-instated, in which case you will still be able to go ahead with the transaction, or if it's worse case scenario, you can proceed with your claim.

    Just a final note - it may help if you post up a link to the auction so that the ladies here can help you more, analyse the seller etc.:smile:

    Good luck.
  14. This happened to me and Paypal was seriously useless. They basically said that since she sent the item and I did recieve it, there was nothing they could do because "not as advertised" was subjective.

    Eventually, I talked to a cousin who is an attorney in the same area that she lives in and he was kind enough to send her a letter basically saying that she had to sent me a refund or else we would take further legal action against her. I got just more than half of my money back but it was better than nothing I suppose.

    I hate people like that. Good luck!