Bought a fake Le Pliage tote.. Please help


Jun 11, 2008
I've bought a fake Le Pliage tote from ebay, and since then I've opened a dispute and the seller has escalated the claim, refusing to refund my money. I have also received an automated mail response from paypal, stating that I need to prove the inauthenticity of the bag in order for my claim for refund to succeed:

'We will contact you by email and ask you to provide additional information.
If you're filing a claim because you believe that you received counterfeit
merchandise, we may ask you to submit a letter of inauthenticity from a
reputable expert who can substantiate your claim.

This letter should be on official letterhead and include contact
information so that we may discuss your case with the expert, if necessary.
You are responsible for any costs associated with this appraisal.

Your participation is essential to the investigation, and it's important
that you reply to our requests for information within the specified
timeframe. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the claim, and
you will lose the possibility of a refund.

If the claim is decided in your favour, you may be eligible to receive
coverage up to the full purchase amount.'

Is this necessary? Is it possible that I provide pictures of the fake bag instead? Even though the money involved isn't a lot, I just can't stand spending a cent on a fake bag. And myself being a uni student, I don't have a lot of cash lying around, and spending my money wisely is very important. Please help by giving me advice on how to proceed from here on. I am really angry and upset by this experience.

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
Yes, most times PP will require a letter on NON-AUTHENTICITY when a buyer files a claim that a bag is fake. Prices vary depending upon how quickly you need it. You might email to inquire as to your particular bag brand and her prices for the letter.
I would advise you to print your ebay auction for future reference.
Post the auction here and ask that it be reported as counterfeit, as sometimes if ebay removed the listing for trademark violation, that can benefit your case as well.
If PP finds in your favor, they may also require that you return the fake bag to the seller, at your own expense, of course.
If I might ask, how much was the bag?