Bought a FAKE J12 and Paypal won't help!!!

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  1. Last November I bought a used Chanel J12 with diamond bezel for $6500 from an eBay seller and I pay via Paypal (with my Amex card). I just found out today that the watch is a fake!

    Last week I found out a crack on the watch so I brought it into the boutique to get it repaired, only to find out that it's a fake! Silly me! I totally believed the seller since she and I talked on the phone and traded a few emails before purchasing the watch directly with a BIN. She was really nice and was also into purchasing and selling big items online, so I believed her. We didn't go thru the whole auction thing via eBay but I did pay her w/ Paypal.

    But since I didn't get the watch authenticated right away (since I never thought that it could be a fake), I've passed the 45 day claim period and I just called Paypal and they said there's nothing they can do :crybaby: My gosh, this is one really expensive lesson that I can't afford...and my husband is even more devestated, because it was a gift from him and he just realized that he'd bought me a fake. We're both so sad :crybaby:

    Has this happen to anyone else before? What did you and what happened afterwards?
  2. Wow, That's a large amount of money to lose. Call Amex, they'll refund the amount back to you. However, paypal will ban you, but hey I'd rather be banned than to be out $6500. Try to contact the seller as well, it can't hurt. You can also file a police report with the city that the seller lives in and you can contact their state's attorney general. Is it possible that the watch is real and the people who looked at it made a mistake? Maybe you can get a second opinion.... I hope this works out for you. Good luck.
  3. Thanks joolluver. Really? Can Amex help even if it's already been 3 months? My husband just called Amex and was told about the 60-day period for claims. The gentleman he spoke to was nice enough to still trying to help us by filing one anyway, but he said it would be weeks before we find out if Amex will reimburse the funds since it's already been 3 months.

    I'm alright with Paypal banning me, I'm actually quite alright with never using them ever again since they won't even help me get my $ back!!!:crybaby:
    I also just emailed the seller to advise her of the incident and I'm waiting for her reply...:s

    Oh, nah.. the watch is a fake... or a REALLY REALLY GOOD fake.. I'm thinking even the seller didn't know as she claims she bought it from a jewelry friend. The watch was examined by more than 4 SAs (2 specialists from the Jewelry&watch dept) in the Chanel boutique today and they all keep pointing out the "fake" aspects (the links, color, bezel, how real j12s never crack and mine did...etc) I've never felt more embarassed in my life :crybaby:
  4. I think Amex should refund you, especially if you've been with them a long time and make them aware of the situation. I thought Amex chargeback periods were a year long. I worked in retail and we had chargebacks from Amex for items we sold a year ago. Amex is very customer service oriented and definently include that the selling of counterfeit items are illegal and a violation of federal laws.

  5. So sorry to hear that this happened to you, oreo. :sad:

    I think jool's advice is very good; particularly if the seller won't refund you. :yes:

    Do you stll have the auction number?
  6. Please let us know what Amex says. This is alot of money.
  7. Thanks again joolluver and chloe, we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to get the money back from Amex eventually.

    Now that I've come to think of it, her j12 auction was cancelled twice and she couldn't figure out what went wrong since she also believed that her watch is the real deal (she bought it from her jeweler friend) I purchased the watch from her outside of eBay so there's nothing eBay can do for me (my bad... but I'm sure ebay is just as efficient as Paypal.. ha) I forgot her ebay ID now but I read thru everyone of her feedbacks and it was impeccable (she'd also sold her husbands 12K Cartier watch and other used designer items)

    Will definitely keep you girls posted with what happens.. thanks again for all your help and support!
  8. My husband just dug up the seller's phone number from last Nov's phone bill and I called her.. The number is still working but the VM says "The mailbox is full please call back again!!??" What the@#$%^ :hysteric: :cursing:

  9. Don't panic, yet - maybe it's only become full, recently?

    When did you email her, today?

    If she is a well established member of eBay and has a large number of feedbacks, all positive, she could well be telling the truth about the watch; in which case, she may be getting on to her jeweller friend, as we speak, to try to find out what could be going on.

    Let's hope that's the case! :biggrin:
  10. Thank goodness you paid with Amex. I think you will get your money back. Please keep us posted and best of luck.
  11. Sorry to hear about this, oreocat. I sure hope AMEX will assist you with the situation. Have you got into contact with the seller of the watch yet? Please let us know. Hope things turn out well.
  12. Ooh I'm so sorry about that bad thing... That's great amount..! I ever read on they suggest beside file claim with PayPal and ask charge back to your cc co., they suggest to report to:

    - My

    Please read the link below:


    Hope you'll get back full of your money.
  13. That is horrible !!!:wtf: I am soooo sorry !!!:sad:
    Paypal is ABSOLUTELY useless :cursing: !!! BTW not sure if you knew this or not but e bay owns Paypal, so yeah, they can be pretty useless too.

    Amex is usally wonderful with doing chargebacks. I hope you get the refund since it's been a while though !!!

    If you do get the refund Paypal will be FURIOUS since they will be the ones Amex takes the $$$ from. Be prepared to deal with their ********:s (as mentioned above)

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Omg! Just got an email back from the seller.
    What is this a joke? The watch I sold you was a 100% Authentic. Months later you are complaining because you are tired of it or something. If there was a problem you could have contacted me the week of, not now. The watch is authentic 100 percent.

    You can do whatever you want. I sold you an authentic watch, you have had it for MONTHS and NOW you claim otherwise. I am not afraid of your threats as I have done nothing wrong and I will not not answer any more of your outrageous e mails.

    Man, either she was a really good liar (a really shameless one) or maybe she could've been fooled by the one who sold her the watch too. I was fooled by the watch and thought it was real for 3 whole months! If it hadn't broke I'd probably never find out that I've been carrying a fake on my wrist.
    Are all fake sellers this disgusting?
    Sigh.. I've just lost a lot of faith in the good of humanity... :sad:
  15. that's sorry for u...
    A Fake J12...unbelievable...i thg all buyers are "protected" by ebay???
    That's is matter how i like the product....still no go for me on ebay...cos I will be devastated if I'm conned too...

    Take Care