bought a fake--help me report?

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  1. I just bought a fake Dior Gaucho, can't believe I did this--again! don't need to get it authenticated, I already know it's fake, as this would've been my 4th gaucho (2nd fake, first was returned with no hassle, so I haven't yet had to file a claim).

    I doubt this seller will be cooperative in taking the bag back for a refund, because I'm sure she knew it was fake, that's why pictures were so blurry.

    Can everyone help me report? If I have to file an ebay claim, will it help my case if it's reported by many people? here's the auction:

    - I filmed myself opening the package in case she claims I switched her "authentic" bag for my fake one.
    - I did a screen shot of the listing and each picture, in case listing is removed.
    anything else I should make sure I do before contacting seller?

    I guess I've prepared myself enough for this, time to just proceed and see what happens.
  2. Without knowing for sure that it's fake, since you didn't have it authenticated here, I personally won't report it. Maybe the ladies in the Dior subforum can help with that?
  3. Return the bag to seller, and make sure and get a signature upon delivery. And file a claim with Pay Pal, that the item was not as described, authentic. And if you could get a letter, from a store saying its fake that would be a huge help.
    Or if you have it authenticated here, and the replies state that the bag is indeed fake. Send that along.
    Pay Pal is good about these kinds of issues, valid returns with refunds, are most always possible.
    Good luck!
  4. Did you have it authenticated? I would do that first unless this seller is known for selling fakes. I do not know Dior so I can not help there. Once you have confirmation its fake them contact the seller.
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    Authenticate in Dior before you do anything. If this is your second fake, maybe authenticate BEFORE you buy another one?
    This on the listing alone would make you realize you were buying a fake?:

    "Not sure about the price but since it was a gift who knows? Gift from my boss" BIG RED FLAG:nuts:
  6. +1 It's usually a FAKE
  7. yea..dumb of me to ignore all the flags, hoping that the seller was really just clueless. Used black double saddle gauchos don't pop up that often, so I hoped the blurry pictures were just seller not knowing how to take a proper picture.

    Well, surprisingly, the seller is a lot nicer in her communication now than before the sale, and is willing to cooperate, so I'm lucky enough for a second time and don't need to file a claim.
  8. ^ that's good to hear OP.
  9. Are you sure it's fake? She seems like a pretty reputable seller, all the auction pics from her other items are blurry too so seems she probably isn't the best photog. But I agree with Karmenzsofia maybe post it in the authtenticationt thread and they can help report.