Bought a Fake from consignment Powerseller


Jun 3, 2009
Houston, TX
Hi guys. Need your input about this. I bought an LV Suhali L'Epanoui from a consignment powerseller. I'm pretty sure that it's a fake, upon great inspection. Seller is adamant that it is real because he was provided a receipt. I pointed out the flaws, but he never answered me about them. He just kept telling me to authenticate it at the store and that this is nonsense. I'm beginning to think he's got things to hide.

I will post some up close pictures of the bag. From the auction page, you can see that there is no "made in France" on the clasp/lock. Stupid me didn't know about it. Another unforgivable error was that on the LOUIS VUITTON stamp inside, the 2nd "O" was bigger that the other letters! Ridiculous. The date code looks really good though.

I'm going to get it authenticated (proven fake) on here. I'll give me one more chance to work it out. If not, all I can do is file claims with eBay and PP.

P.S. I had another thread about an unusual ebay activity where the seller sent me the bag before payment. Turns out this is the troubled one. Shucks.
Feb 2, 2009
oooh noo!!! $1,000 for a fake!! that's soo awful! my heart aches for you, it really does. That's a significant amount of money, you'd think you'd be getting the real deal. just goes to show you that even if a purse of any kind is at a high price, doesn't make it real. :sad:

but please, get it authenticated here first. Even have it authenticated at a Louis Vuitton store! Then you've got 2 second parties on your side. and if it is a fake, you'll proof to the seller that it is fake, and you have substantial evidence to file a claim!


Mar 22, 2006
Devon UK
I would get it authenticated( or not !) here, open up a SNAD dispute with paypal and escalate straight away as it seems the seller isn't going to cooperate, paypal will freeze their funds so they can't clean out their account.
you may need to get official authentication from caroldiva or someone too.


Jun 24, 2006
What a crazy ebay week for you!! Will you get it checked by MyPoupette or CarolDiva? It'd help your claim if they decide it's fake too and they'll provide a statement for Paypal.

I love how having a receipt is proof absolute of authenticity, regardless of the flaws in the item... for crying out loud, if counterfeiters can produce a sophisticated purse to look real enough to fool an 'expert' seller, then surely making up a fake receipt is a piece of cake! :rolleyes::lol:


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Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
Can you post a picture of the LV made in stamp inside the bag? I want to see that big O. Also, I see what you mean about the lock on the front. I have the larger L'Epanoui and it has made in France engraved under the lock on the big square metal piece. If it's a fake it is a very convincing one.


Jun 3, 2009
Houston, TX
I just took some pictures. With the up close pics, it's now easier to tell that it's a fake. I've been telling the guy, I think he simply doesn't know. But he just wouldn't have it. It's hard to communicate with someone who doesn't know much about LV but think they do.



Jun 3, 2009
Houston, TX
As you can see, the 2nd O is bigger! Part of the "c" in france was missing. The glue job is horrible. It's all dark and rough.

I don't why I'm still so patient with him. I should be extra PO'ed by now.
Apr 15, 2007
Yes, I think you have a fake on your hands. If you can authenticate this bag

at the LV boutique or here on the forum, and have that info sent to your seller

he should give you a refund. If he is the "powerseller" that he claims to be

and has a receipt for it, he should take it back and authenticate it for his own peace of

mind and send it back to the contact he got it from.

File a claim if he continues to be dismissive and shame, shame on him!!

Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
Once deemed fake by ATLV, file a PP SNAD dispute, calmly pointing out the reasons the bag is counterfeit. You may immediately escalate to a claim if desired, or give seller time to respond to dispute. Be aware that usually once a dispute is escalated to a claim, PP may require a buyer to provide a letter of non-auth from a 3rd party auth service... and allow 10 days for same. This will be at your expense. Therefore you may wish to contact to ascertain her current time line for authentications and cost of same.


Apr 4, 2009
That bag does appear fake. I wouldn't even try PayPal because so often you lose the claim even with proof and who wants to spend more money on a fake getting letters. I would tell him I'm sending the item back for a refund, and send it insured and with signature confirmation. If he doesn't refund the money when the tracking shows he got the bag, the I would file the claim with proof that he has the bag. If you used a credit card you could always deal with them if PayPal doesn't come through.


Feb 1, 2007
MrVuitton21, it says the winning bigger on that bag is also powerseller with 944 Fb's??