Bought a fake Chanel at Duty -free korea? Please help

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I bought a wallet at the Incheon Duty-Free airport as my first Chanel wallet on 03/11/2014. I rarely use it. Today I brought it out to meet a friend and it seems like the wallet is fake.
    Can you advise me what I should do? I still have the receipt
    I really appreciate it
  2. How do u know if it's fake?
  3. Why do you think it's fake?
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462260617.149372.jpg
  5. The logo of the zipper. I havent noticed it until my friend pointed it out

  6. Agree here.. You need to authenticate your wallet before you consider taking
    any further steps..
  7. Hi Mine has the same stamp as yours on my coin purse. And another one of mine has cc below the zipper pull. Both bought in chanel store
  8. Your wallet is likely authentic, but I would follow the recommendation above for peace of mind.
  9. Thank you very much. Im contacting Etinceler. Will let you all know
  10. Chanel don't produce their own zippers, so you won't see the CC logo on the zipper, if that's what you are concerned about. All my zippers on my Chanel bags don't have cc logos on them either. Though I can't remember what's on them, think they don't have any markings on them.
  11. that is a lampo zipper. one of the best out there. balenciaga used to only use lampo. chanel has been known to use those zips as well.
  12. I have heard of the urban ledgend (I hope) that superfakes find their way into the boutiques by buyers returning their bought bags. But instead of returning the bag they originaly bought, they return a superfake one instead ... Imagine that!

    Ps I hope your wallet is the real deal!! Please keep us updated.

  13. I could see this happening except that it was bought at duty free which makes it almost impossible to return at the duty free shop since you cannot pick up the item until you are at the gate at the airport and even if you come back into the country you do not have access to the duty free shops unless you take another trip within the return time frame and even then i dont think i've ever heard of a situation of a return at a duty free. not saying it's not possible but i honestly think its highly unlikely that your wallet which was bought at duty-free is fake
  14. I agree. :smile:

    As the tpfer said, and I frequent the duty free shops every time I'm in Korea, you cannot leave the duty free shops with your purchases as they are picked up at the airport so its impossible to buy and return at duty free.
  15. It's very unlikely that you bought a fake at a boutique, especially a duty free boutique as other posters pointed out.
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