Bought a Croc Embossed Oak Alexa - what should I expect?!

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  1. I spotted a stunning Croc Embossed Oak Alexa for sale on eBay and to cut a long story short, I've bought it but the seller kindly agreed (before I placed my bid!) that she is happy to wait until the 20th when I receive my bonus from work, so I won't be seeing her for a while!

    Can any owners let me know how this bag or type of leather wears? I have two other regular Lexies in Foggy Grey and Plum and whilst I adore them, I've often longed for a bit more structure, hence why I figured the Croc Embossed would be excellent for me, and add to that the fact I don't currently own a single brown bag so it's definitely filling a gap! But I have absolutely no knowledge or experience of this leather - does it eventually break and get softer, and if it does then does it still retain more structure than the soft buffalo? Does the leather require any special treatment or care? From the little I've read, it sounds like a pretty tough low-maintenance leather.

    Also any modelling shots of it or any photos at all would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I own both the black and oak. I found that my oak when I used her the first time with jeans she had colour transfer. I had sprayed her but I then used Lord Sheraton leather balsam on her and the blue came off so I use that or the collonil gel on her all the time now. She still looks great. Shape wise they do get a little softer, or should I say slightly more flexible, but not much. But that was why I brought them I wanted a structured Alexa.
  3. Thank you! That's good to know, I'm happy with a little flexibility but I'd like her to remain pretty structured. Thanks for the tips on the colour transfer, mine is pre-owned but rarely used and can pass for new, the current owner says she's been protected with Collonil but I don't have any myself as I've never really bothered too much with babying my bags but I'll invest in some for this bag!
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    The first 3 photos show the bags empty. I have used the black one more but as you can see the denim transfer that was on the oak did come out. The last 2 pictures were taken when the bags was new.