Bought a charm?


Which charm did you buy?

  1. Yellow gold charm with box chain

  2. Yellow gold charm with nougat chain

  3. Pink gold charm with 1 diamond

  4. Pink gold charm with multiple diamonds

  5. Tall fine silver charm

  6. Short fine silver charm

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. As usual-I am miss indecisive. Shocking, I know:rolleyes:

    If you have bought one, or are going to buy one soon, which one did you get? I have set the poll to allow more than one choice in case you bought more than one charm.
  2. mee too!! I'm waiting to see if any more come out....(not that these aren't great...)....
  3. Sort of thinking the same thing. I just cant decide.:shame:
  4. My problem isn't waiting to see if there will be more-my problem is whether to buy the yellow gold one with the nougat chain or to wait a week or so and save for the pink gold one with the diamond-I feel pros and cons with both-LOL.

    I keep going back and forth and I had gotten all the way to having the paypal window open and my account right there-ugh!
  5. I am more thinking something that I can hook/unhook easily on the bag not jewelry kinda style. I love what we have now but I can't decide.
  6. Tough choices... ugh!

    May I just drop in here really quick and say that you can support our forum by visiting our sponsors, too? :graucho: :yes:

  7. I didn't buy one yet but I'll like to have the short fine silver charm.
  8. hope to buy one next week... i'm going to get Yellow gold charm with box chain - hmmm, i wonder if it comes in silver... i dont really wear gold... but 0o0o0o the PF is just SO COOL!!! i love u PF!!!
  9. not yet, i can't decide. they are all so pretty!
  10. I'm also undecided! I do like the bracelet tho...
  11. I just bought the yellow gold one!:yahoo::yahoo:
    I have a gold charm bracelet of all purses and it will look wonderful with it! Thank you!!
  12. Oh cool! remember to vote up top for which one you bought!
  13. I want the 14K Yellow Gold Purse Charm Necklace but I'll have to save up for it unless Elana comes out with maybe a keychain thats more affordable :sad:
  14. ^ LOL I hope so too :angel:
  15. I have to work the funds into my budget, but I really want a gold one of any type.