Bought a Chanel bag and regret it!

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  1. :cursing::cursing: I am soo mad at myself I just had to get this out of my sytem, with people who understand (my bf couldn't care less)! After viewing all of your beautiful classic flap bags, I was inspired to go out and get the medium in black with silver hardwear. I looked at the prices someone kindly gave in US dollars (I live in the UK) and nearly passed out when I realised it was £200 more than I expected when I got to the Chanel botqiue. So reluctantly, out of peer pressure from my rude and arrogant SA I bought the mini claasic flap. As soon as I got home I realised I was not happy with my purchase and I'm gonna have to go back tomorrow to bring it back- and just buy it in medium like I shoul have in the first place! I am soo mad with myself and I am dreading having to ask for a refund. Don't you just hate it when you just buy something and you realise it just wasn't what you REALLY wanted?:crybaby:
  2. You were caught up in the moment. No one is going to fault you for that!! I don't see how they could even be upset at you wanting to exchange for a medium flap...its more money isn't it? They would make more on the commision! hehe

    As long as you love what you get, that is all that matters and your SA should appreciate that....b/c that is why they are there!
  3. It is good that you realised so soon and didn't wait for it to grow on you .. Even if you can't get your money back I am sure you can get a certificate to the store..
  4. The same thing happened to me. I bought a bag and realized when I got home that it was "too small" for me. I just took it back. Don't worry...sometimes we get caught up in the moment. Now I realize that if I feel my pulse racing, then I know to get that bag. :smile:
  5. Don't worry about it and get the one you want!
  6. argh, it's so annoying when you're being pressured by a SA!
    don't worry about it though. it should be easy enough to go in an exchange for a larger size if you still want it. the SA will still be getting his/her commission so i can't imagine they would give you a hard time about it. good luck!
  7. why don't you just buy them from france or the US? they are less expensive over here..
  8. It is a lady's perogative to change her worries! Can't wait to see pics of your medium!!!
  9. not fun! good luck!
  10. That is called a "mood buy". We all do it, because at precisely the moment we are trying something on we imagine the wonderful things we will do and how great we will look. Then, we realize that though we are wonderful, the bag is not what we wanted. This can also happen when you drink and shop.
  11. It happens to everyone! Don't feel bad... just go back and tell her you want to exchange it. You don't even have to give her an excuse, just say it's not quite right and you want to exchange it for the bigger one.
  12. This can also happen when you drink and shop.
    Irish~~~~~:roflmfao: I spend enough money on Chanel without any help! LOL
  13. Cammy,
    Don't worry about the SA you are there to make a purchase and they are there to assist you in WHATEVER you need to complete that purchase. If an SA has an attitude that is their problem. They should just be glad that you came in to make a purchase. Take the bag back and get the one you really want.
  14. Cammy it's alright. I bought my blue pochette. Kept it for a month and then I saw my red classic on display one day. Went in to ask the SA if I can exchange it and she agreed. So not to worry... we all go thru it sometimes.
  15. At least you can return it. In some places, esp Asia, you can't buy something and return/exchange. That, I hate.