Bought a "carried a few times" chanel and received a used and slightly damaged one!

  1. Update! I returned the purse to the seller almost a month ago as per her request. My credit card had issued me a conditional credit of the purchase amount upon opening the dispute. Today when I called to check on the dispute, my credit card stated that they are still working on it as the seller has not issued a refund yet. She already reimbursed me half of the shipping cost I had to spend to ship the bag back to her upon receiving it back. I thought she already sent a refund but turned out she didn't. What can I do in this situation? I shipped it with signature confirmation as well as delivery confirmation and insurance. I have proof of her signing it and she even emailed me admitting that she received it. Should I file for a police report? Or should I let my credit card handle it as I have proof that she received it. I know she's reading this thread too.

    Please beware of her on bonanza. She is very rude and even suggested me to defraud USPS by de-weighing the bag so she would pay less for shipping.

  2. that is great - wish eBay did!!


    good luck OP
  3. call your cc and insist that they issue a credit.. all the shipping info is updated..

    there should be no more of a hold up... you did what you needed to do..
  4. Hello, I hope you can help me.

    I bought this Chanel bag on eBay. item #300552717138

    The seller mentioned about the 3 spots and some dirt marks on the bottom which I've seen in the pictures she posted. However when I received the bag, almost all the squares has dirt marks which wasn't shown in my seller's pictures. There are also deep scratches, round peeled part on top and tarnished zipper pull.

    I understand that some condition are subjective but I took pictures of the bag and I feel that my seller misrepresented her item. Here are the pictures of the bag I took to show the flaws:

    I discussed this with my seller but she was very upset and she said that she doesn't accept return as stated in her policy. I told her to please look at the pictures but she would not look. I since opened a Paypal claim for not as described and right away she escalated the dispute claiming she doesn't accept return.

    I don't know if I will win. I'm feeling bad that my seller is very upset but I can not just sit and not let her know that I feel she misrepresented the bag. I don't even know if this is worth the money I paid her. What do you all feel and think, I didn't want to upset my seller and I'm willing to apologized but I feel the bag is really very dirty, almost all the squares are filled with dirt.

    I would love to hear your opinions, thanks so much, P.
  5. You know, I can understand being upset that there might be more damage then described, etc, and that would be reason enough to return, however, there is something really unseemly about what the buyer did at the start of this transaction. She was reluctant to pay and was still asking questions about the bag, after commiting to buy it as a way of "requesting" a discount on the price.

    And what's the big deal with a USED lighter? It's not a freakin' used tampon; it's a lighter.
  6. Pamela909, welcome to tPF. You should open a new thread about your problem. The responses in this thread are for PekeLuva's problem.
  7. Hello Anna, thanks and I'm sorry about posting here. I tried making a thread but it won't let me. I think it's because I'm new.
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    There is a sticky at the top of this forum that is a general question/answer thread. Perhaps you can post there.

    I for one totally forgot that new members can't start their own threads until it was mentioned.
  9. Thank you so much Poopsie2, I will try what you suggested, I appreciate it, thanks!
  10. Nope not a tampon! BUT!!!!! The seller smokes then? Why the lighter Is she lighting camp fires?:lol:? Did the listing say non smoking home? I'd be upset. Shhhhhh! Clean the bag out, how lazy is the seller!!!!
  11. I agree with all of the above.

    And I know this is a moot point for this particular situation, but there is absolutely no need to file a case when you emailed the seller only 4 or even 24 hours ago. I understand that a lot of money is on the line, and of course you want what you paid for, but jumping immediately to accusations and filing a case on bonanza or eBay does not breed a collegial atmosphere for sellers or buyers. Yes, there are lots of scammers, but why automatically assume that everyone is a scammer? Also, even if the seller read your email, that doesn't mean she was avoiding you by not responding at that moment; perhaps she was on her phone and wanted to wait until she was back at the computer. Or maybe she was on the run and checked her email quickly.
    I know haven't posted much on TPF, but I participate a lot on another forum with high-volume ebay sellers, and as an ebay buyer and someone who sells occasionally, I get really irritated reading these posts where everyone automatically assumes the seller is a jerk and saying to open a case ASAP. If the seller doesn't end up working things out with you, you have 45 days to file with PP, and typically have 60 days for credit card chargeback. You are practically guaranteed to get your money back eventually. ;)
  12. OMG Tigistylist - ^^ thats what l thought:cool:
  13. Hi Pamela, welcome to TPF! I think Ebay/Paypal will likely find in your favor, so the seller escalating the claim will only hurry that up.

    Good luck!
  14. Hello Linda, thank you but PP sided with the seller. I don't even know if they looked at the pictures I took because I know the seller didn't look and won't listen, she was so set that she "described the bag honestly." Oh well, I guess I'm stuck with the bag. I'll save money to have it redyed.
  15. Update!

    The seller informed my CC that she never got the purse back when I did send it back and fully insured and she even signed for it.

    My CC told me to mail them all conversation and proof of shipment.

    Her bonanza id is ilovepurses.

    Stay away from her.

    I already printed out all documents and mailed it off to my CC. But since she claimed she never got the purse, can USPS jump in since I did send it insured?

    Please help! Thanks so much.