Bought 3 things this week and 1 is a keeper

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  1. I got the galliera pm in mono, vernis sarah and vernis internationl both in pomme! The galliera is going back because I want to see Artsy MM and Palermo PM first.. dont want to miss out on the opportunity to buy the BETTER bag... I dont sell and buy.. so whatever I acquire.. it is here to stay...anyway... on to topic..

    I decided to keep one of the wallet even though I thought I could almost get myself a speedy 30 for the price of it...

    I gave it lots of thought and finally it hit me! I got tons of bags.. 9 speedy to be exact among others... however I cannot wear 2 bags at one time can I? one of you girls have made me realize that I can definitely carry my new wallet WITH one of my LV bag all the time! I think for that reason only... the WALLET makes it ALL WORTH every penny!

    Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and helping me decide...

    Here she is...

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  2. Congrats! Thats a keeper for sure, love pomme
  3. gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  4. You will never tire of this wallet! So beautiful!
  5. Congrats such a beautiful wallet & a great choice!
  6. That is such a wonderful wallet. When I picked up the vernis pomme sarah I literally said "oooh" and my SA laughed. Congrats to you! You made a great decision
  7. You can never go wrong with this wallet!! Gorgeous!
  8. Gorgeous. Congrats!
  9. Congrats! We are wallet twins! TPF helped me justify the price of a wallet too!
  10. yess! besides, the vernis sarah wallet could even be use as a clutch :biggrin:
  11. gorgeous wallet i love that color!
  12. great choice! the pomme is :drool: tdf
  13. Beautiful, congrats!
  14. lovely!
  15. Beautiful Congrats!!