bougainvillea and rubis which is brighter?

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  1. bougainvillea and rubis which is a brighter color? I haven seen rubis IRL :P
  2. bougainvillea.
  3. Bougainvillea for sure! Is fantastic colour! :yes:
  4. bouganville for sure
  5. #5 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    Bouganvillier or bouganvilia. I have mine with phw now ,used to have it with gold but found it to be too much for my taste I have seen them together and bouganvilia almost looks radioactive one looks a bright red pinkish creation the other a cherry matte down color very chic and very unique !!!! Each in their own way I love wearing my bouganvillier in the summer as much as I do in the winter because I usually dress in black or navy so iy ads pop and the T.C looks very rich and deep in this color Togo looks better in rubis
  6. I also have the same question :P... then I did tons of research on this thread and found out that bouganvilia is a brighter coral red(more like a washed red), great for spring/summer.

    Rubis is more like rasberry red with a rich and deep pink undertone, perfect for A/W.

    I did not see either color IRL, just by looking at tons of pictures here, so please correct me if I'm wrong!!
  7. I'll have a reveal soon, just wait for a little bit!:smile:
  8. You need to see the colors IRL to really know. For example, bougainvillier in taurillon is different from bougainvillier in epsom (brighter and more vermillion). Rubis is not a bright color per se. It is a muted raspberry which, in some skins, is just a couple of shades lighter than rouge H. To compare bougainvillier with a brighter red, you might want to consider rouge vif or rouge garrance.
  9. BBL - loved your reveal!

    IMO, Bouganvillier is like watermelon and Rubis is like raspberry. They're both bright and both pretty.
  10. I saw a Rubis Birkin in NYC and it definitely had some serious fuschia undertones. I was surprised at how "girlie" the color looked.
  11. I agree - bougainvillea is brighter. To my eyes, like Irishlass says, rubis looks like a soft raspberry.
  12. I have both colors and prefer Rubis.
  13. Bougenville is not true red compare to rubi. Only in Epsom that Bougenville close to it. Under Clemence and Togo, its like strong salmon colour. Rubi is red but with heavy bluish undertone. And again on Epsom is brigther more red. But none of the following colour really close to Rouge Garange/Rouge Vif/Vermillion, which all resting now.
  14. I saw a 30cm clemence Birkin in Rubis sold yesterday at the boutique and I must say the color is mesmerizing! It is definitely not as bright as Bougainvillier but it is beautiful.
  15. Bougainvillier is brighter than Rubis. It is lighter , too.