Boudoir's small collection

  1. Hi! I finally decided to post a thread of my own, after I bought a Phoebe yesterday.

    Most days I have to carry tons of files and work stuff so I wear a beat-up Longchamp... but I do love bags and have a teeny tiny collection that's bound to grow in the future :tender:

    First of all here are my vintage Levi bags, my parents got them in the 1970s in San Francisco. They say they were prototypes made by the store and that they weren't mass produced. I think it's just a family legend but nevertheless I love these bags.

    levis big.jpg

    levis small.jpg
  2. boudoir, I think those bags are so unique!:love: I also love it that they come with a lovely story!:yes: Thank you for sharing.:flowers:
  3. YAY for vintage bags.. they are FAB
  4. Thanks guys!

    Here is the rest:

    My Longchamp... usually filled with 10 lbs of unnecessary stuff

    My suede bags... I will never buy a suede bag again... I barely used the Coach one, even though I love its shape, because I can't seem to clean it up :crybaby:
    The other one is a Karine Dupont bag. I love it! It's suede with encrusted little pieces of shiny fabric.

  5. And my two favourite bags...

    My Vanessa Bruno "Bolero", and my Mulberry "Phoebe". I just bought Phoebe yesterday... total impulse buy. :jammin:

    phoebe vanessa.jpg

    There you go! It's a small collection but I love every piece!
  6. nice collection u got going there..
  7. LOVE those Levi bags. You're lucky to have something so unique - I'm envious! :yes:

    Congrats on the Phoebe!
  8. Great collection! Congrats on your Phoebe and I also love the Vanessa Bruno:heart:
  9. I love your mulberry! And your Levi's is so unique!
  10. The Levi's bags are so unique! Thanks for sharing!

    Have you tried a suede cleaner for your Coach bag? The boutique may have something.
  11. The Levi's are quite interesting ... really unique.
  12. i :heart: vintage pieces!!
  13. boudoir i love your bags!!! thank you for sharing!!!
  14. Nice collection! I love the vintage Levi's and the Mulberry!
  15. Thank you everyone for your comments :flowers: