Bottom support for a Speedy 30

  1. I know there were some great suggestions a while back about what to put in the bottom of a Speedy in order to keep it from sagging. Now I can't find it. :shame:

    I would love to hear any and all suggestions!! TIA!
  2. piece of cardboard?
  3. I went to a craft store and bought a very thin piece of flexible clear plastic. I cut it to size and put it in the bottom of my speedy. Gives it just enough support without looking boxy.
  4. OK, that is along the lines of what I am looking for. I remember someone saying they put a piece of lucite in the bottom, but I think that may be too firm.

    Thanks for your suggestion. :yes:
  5. I've also heard a magazine works well. I have cardboard in mine but I like the idea of the clear plastic. I'm sure it looks nicer!
  6. I'd probably cover the plastic in some kind of fabric, I'd be worried about the edges of the plastic rubbing against the inside of the bag.
  7. I use a piece of cardboard and I round the corners. Works great and I still have a little sag!
  8. you can have plexi glass cut to fit it for about $2.50. i called a custom glass store and that's the quote they have me
  9. The plastic I'm using is very very thin (about the thickness of a piece of copier paper) so even though two of the sides are trimmed, there really aren't any sharp edges :smile: and lays flat on the bottom of the bag.
  10. cardboard, round the corners. Can also cover it with light material to brighten the inside of your bag, and it stops it from sliding.
  11. I use a small thin book to keep mine from sagging at the bottom!
  12. I use a magazine or two and a thin piece of cardboard.
  13. Does everyone who use cardboard just get one from a box?
  14. plexiglass works like a charm.
  15. I like the makes each bag look unique depending what's in it!