Bottom of RM MAB Crease?


Mar 20, 2007
I was just wondering if there is anyway to fix the creases that I have caused on the bottom of my MAB? I recently took my MAB on vacation with me to carry all my necessities such as sunglasses, camera, wallet etc. I think it might have been too heavy and I might have made the creases by carrying it on my shoulder from time to time? Now there are creases in on the cardboard bottom and the leather :sad: So bummed! I also got a few oil, water stains and scratches on it because I didn't have time to treat my new bag with apple products :sad:
Jan 21, 2007
Home of the Alamo
A couple of my MABs also have a crease on that bottom panel. I don't know if you can avoid things like that happening if you load it up, like you and I probably have. Perhaps you can email Codi or Catalina at Maybe they can suggest something. I haven't really bothered with that problem as I just figured it happens pretty regularly, i.e., look at some of the used bags listed on Ebay. What can we do?!


Jul 13, 2008
do you mean when the bottom bends and folds weird under all the weight? it happened to my mab too! I suggest placing the heavier stuff in the pockets of the bag. there's less stress to the bottom that way.


May 23, 2008
This happened to my old MAM! I disliked how the crease looked. I'm wondering if laying down a fitted cardboard piece inside would help carry the weight without creasing the bottom.


May 16, 2008
I have bought used RMs with this and find that the crease eventually works itself out, or at the very least becomes less noticeable. (So there's hope!)


Mar 12, 2007
Hi ladies - I looked for the closest thread to what I wanted to ask y'all about, but I am super concerned about my black MAB that is horribly creased on the bottom! (Side note: bummed that most of the times I post on here I am posting about quality issues, boo hoo)

This weekend, I noticed that my bag was sagging in a strange way with a sharp corner. I felt the bag and it seems that the bottom of it is creased. The pictures don't really do it justice - it is a severe bend on one side and a little less of one on the other. It is almost like one of them is going to poke through the leather! I attached some semi-crappy pics to show - these are all with just the bag flipped over - not hanging down with stuff inside of it to sag the bottom or me pulling to accentuate the creases (except for pic #2 where I sorta held down one side of the bag to show the weird angle of the crease).

I have had this bag for about 2 months and carried it 15-20 times since I rotate it between all my other bags. I love big bags but honestly don't carry anything that heavy - at the time I noticed this crease I had my wallet, a small makeup bag, keys, phone, gum, and maybe some other small miscellaneous items. I know the sagging, etc. is totally normal, but this is such a sharp bend/crease that I am worried it is going to poke through the leather. Plus nothing like this has ever happened with any of my other MABs, even the couple that I have carried for 2-3 years.

I already emailed Nicole, but I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else. By the way, I stuffed it all day today to see if it would work out the crease, but something is definitely ripped or bent permanently because as soon as I put merely my wallet and phone back in, it was doing the same thing again :cry:

Thanks ladies!



Jan 22, 2009
New York
wow....that looks pretty bad.....if you think something is broken in the bag on the bottom maybe you can send it in to RM and have them reinforce the bottom for mab used to sag a bit but i never had an issue like that....I hope it can be fixed....


Mar 12, 2007
Yeah Nicole said to send it in and they could look at it. I emailed her the pictures too, but she said she couldn't tell exactly what was wrong with it. I felt around the bottom of my other bags and they have nothing similar to this even starting. So bummed about my bag!