Bottled Water

  1. I buy tons and tons of bottled water at the grocery each week. Gallon jugs to use in the kitchen, big bottles to carry with me to dance class, on walks, in the car, etc., and little bottles to have on hand in case somebody drops by. It is by far my most favorite drink.

    I swear each brand of water tastes different. Fiji water is my favorite b/c it seems so "soft" followed by Evian, but they're so expensive I hardly ever treat myself to them. Mostly I buy Dasani. Oh, and in restaurants I always order San Pellegrino.

    Any one else passionate about their water?
  2. No, I hate water. But we have our own well so our water is better than most people i know.
  3. I buy Dasani. I bring one 24 oz bottle to work every day, and then drink the water from the water cooler at work for the rest of the day.
  4. I feel exactly the same way as you do! I drink evian, followed by Fuji and then Dasani (which is what I am having right now). I always bring a litre with me to work so I have water all of the time. When I get home, I drink several smaller bottles. Water is great and my most preferred drink (besides champagne)!
  5. My favorite is VOSS, but it's spendy and hard to find. I usually drink Figi, Dansani, or Evian. I also like sparkling waters (Pelligrino). I also have Arrowhead delivered to the house in those huge 5 gallon bottles. I drink a lot of water.
  6. I have a filter in my fridge... so water is "free". :biggrin:
  7. My 17 year old son consumes about 10 bottles of water each day. I buy 10 cases of 35 bottles everytime I go to Costco. That"s my workout of the month':yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Love, love, love my bottled water! BF goes through MANY bottles a day as well, so we're constantly having to buy more.

    I love Fiji also, but it's so darn expensive. I usually just end up buying Aquafina, Arrowhead or Dasani
  9. I drink either evian or dasani...whatever's on special at the store. I used to drink a liter each day of one of these, but now at my new job they have arrowhead stocked in the fridge so I switched to that!
  10. i loooooooove water, i used to be a hardcore diet coke person but i forced myself to quit and now my body craves water like it should. i have a nalgene bottle that i carry with me and try to drink a few of those each day. it's a pain to carry cases of water from my car to my apartment since i park far away, so i hardly ever buy bottled at the store. usually from vending machines at school or work.
  11. I love water. Right now i'm drinking Aquafina, but it's usually Dasani. I also have a Brita filter at home in the fridge. yum!
  12. Smart Water rocks, but I usually drink Fiji, Evian, or Ozarka in addition to my Diet Coke habit, hehe
  13. At school I drank bottles of it, but now I'm working I just tend to drink tea! I drink quite a lot of it when I'm on holiday though.
  14. This may sound a little odd, but I like the kind of plastic Fiji and Dasani water is bottled in b/c it makes very little, if any, noise when I drink. Other bottles tend to make a crackling sound.:shrugs:
  15. I drink bottled water all the time. Mostly Nestle, because it's really cheap. Tap water tastes kind of icky to me. Vending machine water at school is really pricey, $2.75 each.