bottle Marcapunto Cabat (belated reveal, long time coming)


May 11, 2008
United States
Forgive me for not posting my reveal immediately upon receipt! I've been intrigued by the bottle marcapunto Cabat since early spring this year. I had in mind a workhorse medium Cabat that is sturdy but not too heavy--and this seemed like a good fit. I've been using my orchid medium Cabat as my work bag, and it was perfect for warm weather because it's so lightweight and cheerful! But now that the colder, harsher, sometimes unpredictably wet weather is here (and my work commute involves standing outside on a train platform and walking outside for blocks and blocks to and from my office), I feel like my orchid deserves a rest until the spring.

I had a milestone birthday to celebrate (this was a while back), and my husband suggested that a new Cabat would be an appropriate gift. Isn't he sweet? :love: Because we don't live near a BV boutique, we headed to the NYC store during a visit to family in the area. I got to meet Bryan, who is just terrific and was exceedingly helpful, as usual.

Bryan noted that only 19 medium marcapunto Cabats shipped to the US. I had no idea that it was that limited here. I know this bag hasn't had a whole lot of airplay on tPF, but I just love it.

The bottle color is very difficult to capture in photos--it's not as shiny in real life. I would call it simply dark green. The outside photo shows how dark it is compared with the very greenness of the pachysandra (sorry, the grass went brown a long time ago). I think I'll be able to wear it with everything because it's so subdued. I think it's an elegant color. It looks great with my black winter coats, but it also looks great with my plum-colored coat. The color combination has inspired me to knit myself a new scarf (still in progress).

Thanks for letting me share! And here's a shout-out to my bottle Cabat sister sbelle!


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Jan 16, 2010
Boston area
I love it, Blueiris! I think it will be a terrific neutral. I have been yearning for something green myself. I am envious. Enjoy your beautiful Cabat!


Sep 24, 2008
Dreaming of a remote island
Blueiris, STUNNING!!!!!! Winter, summer, spring, fall - she's a keeper...

Shall I compare thee bottle cabat to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date . . .


Jan 10, 2008
San Francisco, CA
Congrats, blueiris! I'm glad it worked out for you! Although I ended up going for Moon, if I had a chance to pick up a non-metallic color at the same time I know I would've gotten the Bottle Marcapunto. It was really lovely in person - the color of course, but the stiffness, weight as well. I'm sure the Orchid is happy to get some rest and will be ready to come out again in the spring! Enjoy!


Jul 15, 2007
Fantastic choice Blueiris! And my guess is it isn't too heavy! Glad to hear you got to meet Bryan too. Enjoy!


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Mar 18, 2007
:woohoo:Congratulations, blueiris!! What a great hubby you have to suggest such a perfect gift, happy belated birthday! And the scarf is gorgeous too!!

sigh, I wish I could join your (and sbelle's) sisterhood... I so want a green tote.