Bottle Green Cole Haan -- Impractical?

  1. i love's deeply colored so it will work as a much as black is a great color for an every day bag...great details get lost a lot of times on black...go for the green, it's cool.
  2. I really like deep green, so I definitely wouldn't have a problem carrying a bag in that particular colour. It's not impractical at all.
  3. NOT impractical at all! I would definitely pick the bottle green over black
  4. That is a great color--you could wear it with nearly everything. Think about all the different shades of green in nature--like previous poster said, it works as a neutral. I just bought a fall bag in a brighter green, don't have any photo of it, but I'm going to enjoy using something besides black all the time. And I love Cole Haan.
  5. I agree. Unless you have lots of purple and orange or other shades that might look bad with green, I think this would be a great neutral. It's look great with black, navy blue, charcoal grey, chocolate brown, tan, etc.
  6. I love it, what a nice choice for a winter bag...
  7. Great looking bag!
  8. great colour...and great style too....!!:yes::biggrin:
  9. Great Bag...I Love Cole Haans new look. They are really moving on up to compete with the "other" designer lines. I have a Cole Haan Tiger Eye Bag that I'm crazy about currently. I say go for it.

  10. You will really be very impressed by the quality of the leather and the hardware on anything by Cole Haan. The green color is different and gorgeous. It should work with just about anything.
  11. Its a lovely color!
  12. I agree...the bottle green is gorgeous and it's dark enough to use as a neutral. IMO you can't have too many dark-colored bags!!
  13. I love that color, the bag looks so versatile. the darker color will be great for fall/winter.
  14. Btw, I think that bag is featured in the October issue of Shop Etc on page 22! Take a look at the magazine so you can see another photo of that shade of the green.