Bottle Green Bridgit...stock is LOW!!!

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  1. FYI.... As of yesterday late afternoon, there were ~770 in stock. We discovered today that there's only around 100 left!! I'm not sure if some of the original stock that JAX quoted was for store stock, or that many have already sold overnight. :confused1: However, whatever the reason, that's a REALLY scary adjustment in such a short period!!

    I don't know if they will restock more or not, but I would consider purchasing now if you want this color! There are currently more amethyst available than bottle green, but I don't know the number for that color.

    Just wanted to let everyone know!!
  2. Do you have a picture of this purse? Also, can you use PCE?
  3. The Bridgits aren't excluded, right?
  4. Yeah, the Bridgits ARE excluded! You can purchase the wristlet, wallets, and other small accessory items on PCE, though...just not any of the bags. This is also true for Zoe and Hamptons. I'm not saying there's not a store out there that won't make an exception (because we all know how variable stores and SAs are), but at least at this store they are very strict. But you can do the older Legacy stuff that's been on the website, or bags like the Peyton on PCE. I did a price adjustment for the Peytons that I had purchased before PCE.

  5. They had no store stock, so she ordered it for me. After seeing the bottle green satchel, I know the stock photo is way off (and not to mention a Photoshop version anyway), but it's posted below. The color is really more of an army or dark olive's not quite as "green" as in the photo. It's nice, but I would have preferred the stock photo color!

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  6. I think that's ridiculous since the Bridgits have been out for awhile. Also I was told that any accessory starting with the number "1" in the style number is excluded. Can you confirm this?
  7. Just the zipper fabric green too like the amethyst zipper?? Thanks

  8. I haven't heard about that at all, but from what I know, handbags start with a "1", and the accessories typically "4" my guess is that's why. The Bridgit is 11622 (I think). You might be able to buy the old style Bridgit, though. At least they are allowing bags like the Leigh.

  9. I don't know! I will get mine on Tues, so I can let you know then. Actually in the light, the purple zipper isn't quite as offensive to me, but it's definitely a brighter color than the leather in low or normal light.
  10. Oh Admat, there's an oversize clutch that looks similar to my wristlet. It's $298 for the clutch and $198 for the wristlet. I'm not sure if that's excluded, but it might be an alternative to the Bridgit. I'm also not sure of size, but it has to be bigger than the wristlet (which is a bit larger than the capacity wristlets).
  11. Baglady - do you happen to know what other bags are going to come in that Bottle Green color? I really like how you describe it and I'd love to find a new green bag since I sold my Bal City in Sapin.
  12. I saw the clutch you are taking about, it was almost the same size as the bridgit, but no shoulder strap.
  13. Yeah, I saw the bottle green on a satchel. It is definately NOT the color of the posted Bridgit photo. More of an Army green like Baglady said. I would have also preferred the photo color.