Bottege Veneta at Loehmanns!!!!Limited supply...

  1. This says it all! Enjoy!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. sorry mispelled bottega
  3. I went and saw them today. They were sad. They were the all vinyl and looked very cheap in my opinion. They looked odd.

    No offense to anyone who has them! :sad:
  4. It says they are vinyl, priced $199-$399
  5. BV makes vinyal bags? I hate it when high-end brands create junk that they sell for a huge mark-up because of their name...well I haven't seen the bags but I just don't like vinyal.
  6. sorry ladies about the disappointments, I never purchased a bottega veneta before, so when I saw the ad, I automatically thought it was the weaved ones! sorry.
  7. They looked so pathetic compared to the leather ones. I was highly disapointed! :sad:
  8. love2shop, don't worry about it. Thank you so much for posting. :smile: