Bottega's Unique Weaving and Treatment Processes

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    Some of our TPF members have an extradinary amount of knowledge and details when it comes to the unique weaving (and treatment) processes from Bottega. I thought it would make a wonderful new thread, and maybe, even a reference thread. I am taking some license by collecting some of the weaving descriptions sent to me or posted to start the thread. It would be nice to show samples of the different weaves too.
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    Crochet - from septembersiren

    They actually crochet the leather using 200 meters of leather for the big one and 150 for the small

    Mini Crochet
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    Origami (F/W 2007) - from septembersiren

    The origami is created by actually folding the leather into origami pyramids and then hand sewn
    quite labor intensive
    It does look like they cut the leather to achieve this but that is the empty spaces in between the little pyramids

    they are coming out with an origami knot bag for cruise in anome (purple)
    that is just too pretty for words .



    Honeycomb S/S 2009

    The honeycomb design starts with tubes of leather sewn with the seam toward the front. Then the seam is manipulated to the left and right, where it is sewn to the corresponding seam of its neighbor. (jburgh)

    bv oragami.jpg bv oragami2.jpg
  4. Interesting thread.. thanks, Rere...
  5. Bombe is a padded weave. They put a soft foam between the two layers of leather to get that rounded look.



  6. beautiful... thanks for sharing, jburgh!
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    ReRe - wonderful thread idea!

    BV Mosaic

    individual paillettes (sp?) sewn into the bag to create a woven look - my favorite of the season

    btw these pix are credited to jburgh and i think SSC - apologies if i got that wrong
    mosaic2.jpg mosaic mineral.jpg UluruRedMosaicoWeave1.jpg
  8. This Cabat is treated with a tie-dye technique
    -Extremely soft & beautiful
    -Offered in 3 different sizes: medium, large, uomo
    -Prices: $7600, $9500, $9800 usd
    -Fetucce are not flat but tubular so the touch is a bit more padded
    -Nappa umbria
    -Color: cigar, ivory, moro
    Nappa Umbria SS2010 Cabat.jpeg
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    Cabat Weaving
    It is handmade from 70 fettuccine-thin strips of leather, which are intricately woven through tiny slots. This creates a plaited effect, inside and out, which doubles the bag's strength. The technique was invented by Bottega Veneta in the Sixties, when the company was established in Vicenza. Bottega means "a place of work for artisans" and Veneta refers to the Veneto region of eastern Italy, where they are based. The intensive labour that is involved in making each bag - two days' handiwork by two people - restricts production to a maximum of 200 of each style, each season, for worldwide distribution


    BV-Reflet-Train.jpg cabatweaver.jpg
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    From Alisonanna - The Tornabuoni collection features vertically twisted fettucce on the handbag body. All handbags in this collection are made of Capretto (goatskin) which gives them a lovely shine and transparency of color.

    fettucce is a wide form of fettuccine past

    An SA in BH told me that TM is playing with treating leather as if it were fabric so we will see interesting twists and turns on leather.

    pix of uluru courtesy of eBay seller designer9822


    pix of the black satchel courtesy of our SA in hawaii,

    Ulurulu tuournoboni veneta. detailJPG.JPG int tornabuoni satchel nero 2.jpg
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    i don't know anything about how these weaves are created, but perhaps someone will weigh in. these were so beautiful....

    copper nappa bag and copper grosgrain bag from ss09.

    pix courtesy of
    copper nappa bag.jpg copper gross grain bag on shoulder $5850 - no flash.jpg
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    Pieds de poule - FW2009/2010

    The attention to detail on this weave is amazing - to create the houndstooth effect in nappa. this is something special
    mini cabat pied de poule 1.jpg mini cabat pied de poule 2.jpg
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    The BV Mosaico uluru and mineral Veneta photos were mine... but that's fine.

    Let me elaborate on the process. As you can see, it is technically not woven but laser-etched with hand-sewn finishes. It's made of two layers of Cervo leather. The base layer forms the general Veneta shape of the bag. A second layer of Cervo leather is adhered to the base. A laser is used to cut the squarish looking pieces that eventually give the "mosaic" effect. Lastly, each diamond-looking piece is sewn by hand. Very labor-intensive.

    It's a bag you must seen in person to appreciate. Pictures don't do justice. Comes in uluru red, mineral and elephant for the Veneta... Nero and Truffle in other styles (partial mosaico patterns on the bag).
  14. I call this the "sister" of the BV Mosaico since it employs a similar process though the materials used are very different.

    Intrecciato Brise Ayers (F/W '09)

    There are 3 layers of materials on this bag. The base of the bag is the signature intrecciato weave. A layer of leather and sheet of acetate is adhered to the layer of woven leather. Next a laser precisely cuts the acetate into small square sequins. The same laser is then used to cut the underlying layer of leather into larger square paillettes. Panels are then hand-finished for the final effect.

    Limited edition, only 250 available worldwide.
    Brise Ayers weave.jpg Brise Ayers Nero.jpg
  15. Any idea how the weavings (black and white) of the Pieds de poule - FW2009/2010 are done?

    It's amazing!