1. ive recently been obsessed with the bottega classic hobo in brown. My friend just told me that she saw it at cabazon outlet for 750ish. Is that a steal? or have u guys seen lower prices?... im sooo tempted even tho it's completely out of my price range. My friends r also making fun of me cuz it's a bit "older women" taste....=(
    those of u with bottega hobo. do u LOVE it even with time?
  2. i recently bought the BV Ball in chocolate - was about 1900 USD ... and I LUV it ... nothing beats the feel of that bag ... and it just gets better with time ... so much so that I bought a matching wallet ... which i now use with all my bags ...

    a BV is like a classic Chanel or classic LV or classic Hermes- timeless and will never go out of style ... mind you all three houses (well not Hermes) makes trendy of-the-moment pieces that can be hard to resist ... but you get bored of those real quick ... you never bore of a classic ...
  3. harley can we see photos of yours .. im currently obessed with BV
  4. I agree!:yes: Bottega :love: !
  5. Me, too. Tthe ball bag in chocolate will be my x-mas present this year. I can't wait to get it!!
  6. I love Bottega! My current obsession. $750 is a great deal for a woven hobo.
  7. i think it's a steal too!BV bags are preatty expensive!
  8. I have 4 BVs, 3 Hobo and LOVE it! I was just thinking of getting another one when my money ran out, lol! BUT-- that said 750 is an *awesome* price. They've raised their prices this year so the smallest one is going for around $1200 and the large $1600.
  9. And no, I don't think its older womens stlye. I think it could look just as stylish and "young" - it all depends on what you're wearing and how you wear it!
  10. Wow! $750 is a steal!

  11. will update the photos this weekend ...

    well actually I will do so when my YSL Muse arrives from the States ...
  12. Wow, 750 is cheap for a Bottega. Their bags are timeless.
  13. I agree with everyone! It's a steal for a classic bag.
  14. I have a BV ball bag in hazelnut that I LOVE and a chocolate brown satchel that is just gorgeous! Here's a pic of the ball bag.
  15. I have the large hobo in burgandy and it was $1400.