Bottega Zip Around Wallet Owners

  1. I just purchased a beautiful limo large zip around wallet from Bluefly to match my limo zip around card holder. I was suprised at how big it is. I got a good deal, $367 (20% off then 15% off) but was hoping you ladies that own this wallet could give me some feedback. I've had great luck with my zip around card holder, it has been durable, not gotten dirty, just love it.

    Do you like your zip arounds, if not why. Does it seem to big for any of your bags? Do you ever stuff it so much you can't zip it, do you think its functional.

    I don't usually spend this much on wallets, usually under $100-$200 and I was considering the Chloe with the lock or this. I would up getting this because I thought it would be nice to have it match the card case... but I could really use your opinions before I decide whether to keep it.
  2. I've been using my quarzo large zip-around for about 3 months now, and love it. It's still clean and doesn't show signs of wear, but I've been trying to be nice to it, as in always keeping my pen in a pen case instead of just knocking around my bag. It is large, so I use my small zip-around card case as a wallet when I carry an evening bag, and it works just fine.

    I stuff this one with receipts and sometimes a hunk of cash from the ATM, and it still maintains its shape and zips easily; even with the huge and clunky amount of Canadian coins that accumulates in no time at all.

  3. ReRe I don't own a BV zip-around but I have a different brand and I think it's hands down my best wallet (even though it's in semi-retirement while I sport a BV continental for the summer :rolleyes:).

    I think zip-arounds are very functional - things don't spill out or peek out - they can be used as a clutch in a pinch. I dig dropping bills and receipts inside full-length - no folding or tucking. Seems much easier/faster to access than continental wallets and easier to clean out since receipts etc aren't hiding. For some reason I wasn't uber-thrilled with the BV zip-around IRL so I've skipped it on BF. :sad: Perhaps a tad too spartan on the interior? (gimme one or two more dividers!)

    Otherwise I think the zip-around is a great wallet. Perhaps since it's lightweight you won't reallly *notice* its size...:confused1: But if you aren't completely thrilled it's not a deal at any price. For something you use as frequently as a wallet you need to feel really great about its function. :yes: I think that every day I hassle with my continental wallet - although I'm admittedly wallet-challenged and impatient with them.:p

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. Thank you, this is why I love this forum so much. Right now I have a couple of Coach wallets and a Dooney & Bourke much smaller than the BV. I have so much stuff in them they don't close and look awful. I like the look of cute little wallets, but I always have tons of receipts and wind up stuffing them to the breaking point, which is why I decided to try one of the bigger wallets, like chloe or bv. Just not used to looking at such a big wallet.
  5. I just bought a BV zip around wallet from a consigner, and I can't wait to get it! Unfortunately, USPS lost my check to her, so I have to reissue on Monday. Should have the wallet by next week. I do agree that they make great clutches as well!
  6. The only kind of wallet I use now is a zip around. I used to think they were too bulky but I have come to realize that I need something that size and I love the convenience of enclosing everything and not worrying that something may fall out. But it is such a personal choice - if you don't love it after using it, it may not be for you.
  7. I used to have a Prada zip-around wallet for years and I love it. Then when it's worn, I bought a Fendi tri-fold continental wallet, thinking that I should go for a smaller wallet for a better fit if I were to carry a smaller bag. I hated the tri-fold Fendi. It's so cumbersome to put in notes, then turn / flap it around to put in coins, back to flipping it around to put back my credit cards in the slots. So very very cumbersome. Finally, couldn't stand it any longer and I bought myself the BV zip-around. One zip opens up the wallet for me to put in dollar notes, coins, credit cards, charge vouchers etc in one swift movement! Also, nothing spills out. I once lost a credit card when I was using the Fendi tri-fold when some of my cards slipped out from a side compartment. Guess I will stay faithful to a zip-around wallet for the rest of my life. Hope my opinion helps you to come to a decision.
  8. I LOVE zip-around wallets because they are so clean and you don't have receipts or bills sticking out. It really makes me feel like my life is in order. :smile: Also, it carries so much and there is no strain on any snap or clasp when you fatten up a regular non-zip wallet. All of my favorite wallets are zip-around, from Coach to LV.
  9. yes, I also love the BV large zip around wallet! I don't think it looks too large! And it's great that it can be used as a clutch as well. I had a tri-fold coach wallet too before and I could never get it to close even with a minimal amount of coins, bills, cards and receipts! Currently I use my bal zip around (mini compagnon) and it is soooo practical and functional. The BV large zip I am saving for future use but it is GORGEOUS and functional all at once!!!
  10. I've been waiting on my snake skin pudre zip around BV wallet since May (damn customs) so I'm very happy to hear others happy with theirs!!