Bottega Wallets?????

  1. Could anyone tell me if Bottega wallets come with a place where you can put a picture. I love these Wallets, the red one is stunning, but their does not look like a place to put a picture. Thanks
  2. I really don't think I've seen a BV wallet with a picture slot. But there's plenty of BV's that I've never seen so I may be wrong.
  3. Saich2 - Welcome to BV. I am a refugee from the Choo forum, lol, and this is my latest obsession. I looked at a ton of wallets at the Chicago BV boutique last week. I did not see a single one with a picture slot. There is a boutique on Sloane and on Old Bond in London. Have you ever been to either?
  4. Yup, agree with jburgh... don't think I have seen a BV Wallet with a photo slot, both for the men's or women's range, and I know I've looked through almost the whole range available at the BV store...
  5. Thanks everyone, thats a pain they do not do picture slots, you would think most wallets would have them.

    I am up London next week so will ask at the B. store.
  6. There is a men´s wallet (but can be used by women, too), which has an extra pull-out compartment for cards and has a see-through cover. That might be a good place to put pics into?
  7. Personally I don't like the plastic cover-thingy that a lot of picture slots have. I have 2 BV wallets and love them to death. My black continental has been in use for almost 2 years straight and still looks new. Such a well made and beautiful wallet. :heart:
  8. I'm with you. I have a Tusk wallet that has a transparent mesh picture holder. It looks so much better and the picture does not stick like it does to vinyl.

    Here is a pic of how that looks:
  9. ^^I like that idea. Vinyl always looks cheap to me (even if it's in a nice wallet). ((hiding))