Bottega Vs LV Vs Balenciaga

  1. well that's the beauty of all BV bags. They are so elegant yet subtle. ONLY BV lovers would spot a BV :smile: I LOVE THAT!

  2. :yes: BV is just divine! ITA
  3. Then BV here I come :drool:
  4. Glad you liked it :p

    To me #1 is 'old-school' classic # 2 the antithesis of classic and #3 is modern classic.

    As I mentioned, I have all 3 brands so I'm a combo too.

    I also have a few Chanel, I think Chanel is more # 1 (apart form the coated canvas bit). Chanel looks 'unexpected' in a teen so it looks cool, appropriate for a more mature lady so it looks right but in between ages Chanel needs more confidence either dressed up (glamorous) down (nonchalant) or minimal (chic) BUT absolutely with no apologies or it can look frumpy (as can LV and Hermes). I think BV is easier to wear for all ages TBH.

    For me choosing shoes is harder because if they're not comfortable in whatever brand/style :push: plus I end up buying the same again and again how many shoe-boots do I already own :shame:
  5. If you go for GP, the gals in the Bal forum have raved about the leather - very pebbly and thick :yes:. Hope that also puts your mind at ease, for your first Bal.
  6. This is a great thread, and I really liked you quiz/example papertiger. I have to admit, the BV is the most timeless in design and also has the better leather.

    Quick question, I am thinking of getting the Intrecciato Nappa Veneta, but simply cannot decide between the Steel and Ebano colours. Does the Steel colour look different or change under different lighting conditions? The Steel gives a younger look, whereas the Ebano is more mature.

    I am concerned about Steel colour getting dirty very easily/quickly, whereas it will not look obvious on the Ebano. Any suggestions/recommendations? Many thanks.

  7. Thanks for the updates sweet Cait! I appreciate it :smooch:
  8. I LOVE your writing style as much as I LOVE Chanel. What Chanel's do u own? And hey I don't mind sharing with u some of ur shoes hahahahaha

  9. LOL you flatterer :tispy:

    I don't have that many Chanel bags (by tPF standards anyway) all either vintage or simply old ha ha, M/L flap, tassel bag, L backpack, all black lamb ghw. Cambon shopper cream/blk/snake and a navy/burgundy bag that looks like its possibly a forerunner of a JM (my favourite). For me, after a couple of bags, Chanel is more about the fashion and accessories but I'm not that keen on big logos (which is why I swapped other bags with DM for PST and GST).

    I am totally with you on BV's classic colours. This season there are some really nice and wearable shades too, check out Steel as well as the usual.
  10. i think a non leather bag definitely has a place and how much you feel it should cost is up to you. i recently got a bv marco polo and i am quite happy.
    there are lv bags i really like but just don't work for me and i have never bought bal or chanel.
    hope you get your bv soon and that you are happy with it-
  11. You're welcome dahling :smile: Keep us posted!
  12. I own Artsy, and that's simply not true. I've carried the bag for over a year every single day. Very comfortable.