Bottega Vs LV Vs Balenciaga

  1. ^ ITA BV is so classy! I tried on the large Belly Veneta in Ebano while I was in Vegas and I loved how it looked on me BUT I forgot to put my stuff in it! I'll have to drive 4 hrs to Chicago to try another one on. it sucks I know!
  2. papertiger!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ur quiz! It's the best quiz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually a combination of 1 and 3 HAHAHAHA But I'd go with 3. I love the "thinking about the balance" thing. It sometimes takes me hours and hours to make a decision on a pair of shoes! LOOOL I have to always think about how to balance the look, longevity, and quality for all my accessories. hehe
  3. Get rid of your LV's and get more BV's LOOOL
  4. HAHAHAHA GReat quiz isn't it?
  5. I agree with you! BV's are the ultimate class! I'm so in love with the quality of the leather!
  6. :tup:
  7. I"ve seen millions of LV's in my area but ONE BV so far! HEHE I guess I"ll be the 2nd soon LOL
  8. I know right? BV is the winner so far! LOL

    Yeah! The large Belly is too casual while the medium size is more formal. Hum! I gotta think carefully and smartly about the size I should get HUm!
  9. My lovely papertiger! I enjoyed ur quiz! I also tend to value my bags as much as I value my diamond ring. LOL I just realized that I shouldn't pay more than $500 for a canvas. Seriously! I decided to invest my money in a timeless piece of leather that smells yummy instead! BV in Ebano reminds me of Godiva milk chocolate for some reason! YUUUUMMMY! Do you think that Chanel would fall in # 3 too?

  10. HEHE I know right? The artsy all the way If I posted this in the LV thread hahahaha Gosh! All lovely TPFers are soooooooo persuasive HAHAHAHA
  11. You're right! HEHE I guess after I posted this thread I just realized that BV goes more with my style and personality than the other two brands!
  12. :okay:
  13. Really? Hum! That's good to know! Maybe the handle is too heavy? I heard that the handle is cork covered with leather
  14. ITA with you! Plastized cotton is the last thing I would go for :smile: BV all the way!!!!!