Bottega Vs LV Vs Balenciaga

  1. :p so pleased some of you like my little quizz

    I think it doesn't hurt to 'zoom out' on brands/bags. I aspire to be a #3, which is why I'm 'here'- so much to learn even after 3 darling BVs. I want my next BV to be my total statement piece, everyday, default and as much a part of me as my engagement ring.

    OP, I also have all 3 brands (not those exact bags though). Just go slowly and pysically try all 3 on again and feel which is the most 'you'. If you can't make up your mind maybe none of those.
    I hope the bag will only remind you of your DH's apology and not the bad day

  2. that's a good analogy! Although I definitely fall in the #2 category, I do have one BV, an ebano medium campana. I have to say the leather is gorgeously soft and touchable. Although I do wear it with jeans, It's understated and I tend to use it when I ned a bit of dressing up. I really think it depends on your individual style. I'm sure if you ask this same Q in the other forums you will get different responses!;)
  3. OP, you should reconsider your priorities. No handbag is going to solve your problems.
  4. I think this three labels are so totally different - you can't compare them!
    A BV is so different from a LV - I think you first have to decide which style you like and which one will suit your wardrobe!
  5. that explains why I have plenty of lvs. I still love BV though. I say,go for BV.
  6. I've been told that the artsy is extremely uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder. If you do decide to go for LV, something like a Galleria might be a better choice.
  7. LV signature bags aren't even made of leather
    they are made of the same stuff as marco polo luggage
    the only leather on them is the trim
    way too much money for plastized cotton
    and the logos
    I see some balenciaga bags that I really like but nothing compares to BV
    Balenciaga is also part of gucci group like BV
  8. I have all 3 brands, but almost never carry my one LV unless I am going out in the rain. My one remaining Bal, a black Twiggy I do love how it looks, but hate to carry it as it has no structure so it lays flat when you set it down. I have several BV's and have to say this brand is superior in quality by far. You will carry BV for years. I don't think Bal would last for years, mine is only a couple of years old and looks it despite the fact that I have not carried it often. But if you are looking for a bag that shouts out the designer name, BV may not be what you want.
  9. anything bottega is DIVINE!! balenciaga is amazing as well, although the recent downgrade in hardware makes me ill.. and LV, in my opinion, pales in comparison!!
  10. I own LV's and BV's and BV is timeless and wears well.
  11. THANK YOUUUU jburgh for your reply. I saw the large is the store and the leather and the color are just amazing!!!!! The leather is soooooooooo soft! I'm sure you LOVE ur large Belly Veneta! Enjoy it!
  12. Thank you Beni! I totally agree with you! BV is very unique and subtle. It's very elegant! I never owned a BV but I will for sure! Hugs
  13. Couldn't agree more! LV are too loud and Bals are too trendy! I guess BV is the ultimate choice!
  14. That's exactly the color I"m referring to actually! The "Gris Poivre"! It looks yummy! I agree with u! The Day is too casual for me. The Velo/City looks less casual! I agree
  15. Hey Mousse! Thanks for the detailed reply! THAT's exactly what bothers me about Bals! I'm a bit uncomfortable with the biker look for some reason. I wear pearls most of the time soooooooooooooo Bals would look kinda off with my lovely pearls