Bottega Vs LV Vs Balenciaga

  1. Hello ladies,

    I desperately need your help! My husband pissed me off yesterday so bad that I decided to pack and leave. So he decided to give me $2000 to buy my dream designer bag as a "I'm sorry" gesture. Weird, I know! So I told him that my dream bag is the Chanel Maxi flap in black caviar leather with silver hardware and that it costs $5300. He gave me that "are u freaking nuts" look and said: "well like I said, ONLY $2000" HAHAHAHAHA

    So, we went to Neiman and Saks yesterday to choose another bag that I may like, but I was so confused and overwhelmed that I decided to take some time to think which one I like the most. I ended up with three options:
    1. Large Bottega Belly in EBano
    2. LV artsy in damier azur
    3. Balenciaga day hobo in grey aged lamskin with rose gold tone giant hardware

    I want an everyday bag, practical, yet classy. I can dress it up or down.
    And I can carry yet all year around.

    Is BV Ebano OKAY for summer?

    PLZ help me make a decision.

    Thanks lovely ladies! HUGS
  2. I'm pretty sure that a large Belly is $2680, but the medium size is $2000. I cannot comment on the other two brands. I have a few BVs in Ebano and wear them year round. It is a nice deep milk chocolate color. Belly Veneta is pretty casual looking. I have a large Ebano Belly Veneta, and it is a big bag, yet perfect for me.
  3. I'm a bit biased because I love BV. However, don't you feel like brands like LV (especially the damier or monogram print) is getting too played out? And you see many people carrying balenciagas as well?

    I think BV will be very unique, I like to call it "understated luxury".

    BV ebano will def be ok for summer or any season!

    Hope this helps =)
  4. I have both bals and bottega bags. While all the bags are lamb skin, I personally found that my bottegas age better and acquire a beautiful patina sheen with use and over time. Also slouch marvellously. Bals are good if you are in it for the fashionable look (they never fail to catch my attention when I see them on the streets) but I imagine my BVs will last me for many years to come. LV, they are everywhere and too loud for me. Good luck!
  5. I do not have any BVs, so I can't comment on leather or quality. However:

    I think the Gris Poivre (which is the colour I'm ASSuming you're referring to!) Day would be excellent all year round, Azur canvas feels very Spring/Summer. However, the Day is a very casual bag IMHO; I'd look at maybe the City or Velo if you want something you can dress up or down.
  6. I love BV and need to confess that I am biased. I would opt for the ebano large belly, but you'll need a larger budget. I own a large belly veneta in nero. She is my go to travel bag and works year round. I carry her more than my other BVs; she is now just breaking in at her one year milestone. Ebano will also work year round. Do you live near a BV boutique? If so, you will find a larger selection than at NM. BV's designer, Tomas Maier, has added some new looks for SS2012 and FW2012 that are quite edgy for BV. I had a Violet large cabat on hold at my boutique but opted for the new lambskin satchel. I have always been a classic BV girl, but I couldn't resist this new style and leather treatment.

    I am not a Bal Bag owner. I do admire Bal leather colors and finishes but I'm not crazy about the hardware and the fabric lining. If Bal came out with a a less biker "chic" look, I might make a purchase. I do see many more Bals on my haunts in both Nor Cal and So Cal than I see BVs.

    IMHO, LVs are ubiquitous. I have never owned one.
  7. i had LV, Bal, and BV. I got rid of all LV and all but one of my Bals; I have kept most of my BVs. I think LV is too common. I found Bals annoying because the handles are stiff while the bag has no structure making the bags difficult to handle. BV is just right; it is the epitome of quiet luxe: no label, minimal hardware, rich colors (specially the classic ebano and nero).

    one tip: when trying on BV, remove all the stuffing and put your things in it. you'll have a better idea of how the bag will fall. keep in mind that the bag will soften and slouch even more and will look more beautiful as a result.
  8. Talking generally those bags have such a different style aesthetic.

    Having a bit of fun, take a magazine type quiz :biggrin:

    Are you:

    1. Old-school and classic, confident physically and verbally, happy in company, shop in only one or 2 exclusive shops and would prefer the lightness and easy care of coated canvas? Go for the LV

    2. A bit 'rock n roll' and/or luxe-boho, confident artistically, happy in your own style, shop everywhere and love the lived-in look no matter how expensive? Go for the Bal

    3. 'Effortless', timeless and understated, confident mentally, happy in your own company and shop in unique places by examination, thinking about the balance between art, craft and longevity? Go for the BV
  9. I am with you, BV is not like other brands full of logo, I am sticking with BV since I bought its wallet last year, now all my lvs are sitting in my wardrobe .
  10. Oh man PT!! I fell into #3 instantly. Wow!
  11. I have bags from all 3 brands and I'm pretty familiar with all of them. Out of your 3 choices, I think BV's is without a doubt the most classic and yes, you can wear it all year round since Ebano is a neutral color.

    My second favorite is Bal's because the leather is great! However, I don't think it's as classy as BV and Bal from its "essence" will never be. The house has more of a rock-chic glamour, especially with the bling-bling giant hardware... definitely on a different wave-length compared to BV.

    My least favorite is LV's Azur Artsy. I'm sort of over coated canvas these days... This isn't to say it's bad, LV's canvas wears like a rock and still looks great after decades, but I just prefer leather nowadays. I can't justify paying anything more than 1K for almost completely a non-leather bag. Also, I don't really like the drape of the artsy... Coated canvas does not look right as a hobo style imo...
  12. papertiger, you nailed it.
  13. I am biased towards BV, but have owned LV and bought LV and Bal for family members.

    IMO, LV is ubiquitous and heavily faked. I'd rather have something I don't see everywhere. Bals are lovely but the colors don't hold the way BV colors do--I don't know why (the dyes, the leathers?). Also Bal looks young-ish and BV is timeless and improves with age. I use my Ebano year-round.
  14. You did come to a BV subforum for advice so I imagine most of the responses will point you towards BV... :lol: I have the large belly and another BV in ebano and I find that the color is very versatile regardless of season and the size of the belly is great. As several other people have mentioned, it might be a bit over your $2000 budget (I'm not sure how the Bal & LV bags are priced) so that could be something to consider.

    As for your criteria about having an everyday bag that you can dress up or down, I think the medium belly might be better suited to your needs. While I love my large belly, I tend to opt for a smaller bag if I want a more formal look.