Bottega Veneta's quality and longevity

  1. I bought a gorgeous Bottega Veneta weaved hobo and absolutely LOVE it! It fits everything I need my every day bag to fit and it just looks SO stylish! Plus, I recently saw pics of Renee Zellweger wearing this bag (pic from PEOPLE online is attached) and couldn't help but admire how good it looks on her!

    Well, my questions are...

    Is it true that after a while (how long though?) the leather starts fraying and the bag looks a lot older than it really is? Also, I read somewhere on this forum that someone had one of the leather pieces break and Bottega couldn't do anything to fix it as they don't have repair services. How easy is it to break one of those leather pieces/strands (can't find a better word at the moment)?

    For those who have this bag, if it's not used every day as a heavy duty bag, does it stay looking somewhat new for a long period of time? I am very gentle with my bags but if being gentle doesn't help, I don't want to spend that much $$$$ on a bag just to see it fall apart shortly after buying it.

    And just in general, how's Bottega's quality and would I be able to wear this bag in 5-10 years (meaning would it still look presentable, and not 100 years old looking?)?

    Thank you VERY much everyone!!!! :yes:
  2. I can't help you with the quality-control questions that you have, but I definitely think that BV is classic, esp. the woven leather totes. They have been around for a long time and I think that it will continue to look fresh.
  3. I have the BV Ball bag for 6 months now. I haven't used it as an every day bag and it's still looks brand new. IMO it depends on how hard you're with your bags. I'm always really careful and my Paddie which is 1 year old now and was used quite a bit still looks brandnew, I don't even have the hardware chipping problem.
    I actually just heard good things about the woven bags and that they last really long. So we'll just have to see.
  4. Well, I don't have this particular bag but I bought a second-hand authentic!!! BV in woven leather and the body of the bag is absolutelty impeccable. However, on the handles (it is a handheld bag) you can see that it has been used a bit. YOu know at the inside where the handles rub against each other they are a bit frayed,.....
    congrats on the bag, I love BV, just beautiful
  5. Unless they are handled carelessly, woven BV's should last for years and years. I didn't know that BV doesn't repair--next time I talk to my SA I'm going to ask her.

    Hope you love and enjoy your bag--it's a classic!
  6. I love this brand!! More than the "usual suspects," if you know what I mean!
  7. i don't think you'll have a problem. i had to send mine to lovinmybags because i had a bottle of cleanser open inside it :wtf: and i couldn't get the oil out myself but other than that there haven't been any issues at all. and bv do re-weave bags but i can imagine it costs a lot, i asked about it once.
  8. I just got into the BV bags (I think three seasons ago?) Anyway, I thought they were kind of boring until Tomas Maier came on board, to me they shed their more stodgy (sp?) image . . . the woven hobo is a classic and has been around years and everyone I know who has been a BV devotee for years bought them for their quality. Although I never really asked them particularly how they have held up. I know they were carrying bags they had for years and years . . . Not the same as an Hermes but I think pretty up there . . .

    The ones I have I think are made better than most my bags . . . qualifier - I don't own a Hermes :smile:
  9. Yes, I too have noticed that BV's are not as durable as, say, a LV monogram. My BV wallet has already started show sign of age after using it for 1/2 yr. Also, my other BV bag has started fray. I guess if you have money to get a BV, you should have enough to get another one, right? Ha ha. True test for luxury.
  10. I think regular leather conditioning goes a long way to keep your bags (especially those made of soft leather) looking fresh and new. I haven't had any issues with mine as of yet.
  11. ^^Oh no, i'm so sad to hear that. Can you tell me which model bag you have? When you say "fray" what do you mean? Is it coming apart?

    :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I really want to get a BV and was hoping it would last for years... Now i'm not so sure...:crybaby:

  12. You do have to keep in mind that the LV monogram is a plasticized canvas... not leather. Hence the long haul durability.
  13. Yeah I was going to say that - I forget LV mono is not leather. The leather handles are good though.

    I think a lot of other leather bags beside BV are more "treated" vs pure leathers?

    When I see people carrying BVs I am going to start asking them about how long they have lasted . . . I have three but they are from the seasonal lines and I don't carry them as everyday bags . . . such as I would wear the hobo if I had one . . .

    I have known people who are long time BV loyalists but I never really asked them the "life" of a bag . . . I carry BV, but less than my LV or my Lanvin which take alot of wear and tear . . . Seems like the cocker would not be fraying . . . good questions . . . hmm actually I know a few SAs not at BV I could ask . . . I will post back to this thread after some investigating :yes:
  14. I got my wallet in Sept, but it's still looking good, and showing no signs of wear. I don't change my wallet, and use it everyday too... :yes:

    Am also pretty sure that BV does repairs on their bags, as I've seen it done.
  15. I've never heard of this site before-thanks for the info!