Bottega Veneta!!!

  1. Also BV is on Bluefly too for 1008!!!
  2. Pretty! Good deal, too.
  3. I've been looking at that as well. If I had the extra cash I'd definitely get it. I'm wanting a Spy in honey a little more these days..... hmmmm ...
  4. They're both sold out. (medium & large hobo)
  5. not a bad price, but like i've said before, if i buy another brown bag, i run the very real risk of turning brown myself.
  6. great! I have this bag in another color. Its not a practical color, but it would be nice to have it in something I can use everyday.
  7. DARN! I missed it. I would have LOVED to have that bag. Geesh, you get busy at work and see what you miss out on!