bottega veneta -- your thoughts plz!!

  1. [​IMG]
    This style but in either 1. pinkish/peach or 2. yellow color for around $2000. Yay or nay for that price? thanks!
  2. I think this style has been on sale for a while. I remember seeing it over a month ago at Bob Ellis shoes for about $1200, I think? Make sure you check around...could save yourself $800!
  3. I also saw this style on sale at one of our local boutiques.
  4. I saw a red one on sale a month or two ago at was a little over a thousand I think, which would be a yay at that price. Don't know about $2000.
  5. Wow my local store is definitely over-charging for that bag then. I can cross that off my list. thanks everyone
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