Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Satchel $1265.25 @ NM

  1. I thought about this, however someone on a previous thread stated that it was uncomfortable under the arm....besides, my heart is aching for a Paddington. I am working with Christine at Nordstrom SFO trying to find a Chloe on sale. Wish me luck!!
  2. Good luck on finding your Paddington!!!!

  3. Thanks moogle! I cancelled the order on the one ordered from BG last night only because I couldn't find out the size/measurements. It appeared taller than wide, and I was concerned that I wouldn't be happy with it. Christine, the manager of the designer handbag department at Nordies SFO is incredibly nice. She's going to check her stockroom as well as other stores in hopes of finding a Paddington satchel or hobo style on sale--any color! I thought about this Bottega simply because of the great price, however that's not a justifiable reason for buying a bag anymore. My closet is full of impulse buys.
  4. I really do hope you get a Paddington you love! You deserve it.

    I know you've helped me get bags I want, as well as helping other people too.
    Right now I'm waiting on a new Linea Pelle, thanks to you..... :yahoo:

    I would have loved the Bottega, but it's a little out of my price range.....sigh......

    I understand the concern on the size of the bag. I need a large bag, and I always check the dimensions if
    I can. I can't get by with a small one - I just have to much stuff to carry. There's been a few that
    did not have dimensions that I ordered, received, and returned because they just wouldn't work
    for me.
  5. You're so sweet to say that moogle. Years ago, I had a Paddington but gifted it to a sister who wanted it so badly. I don't regret that as she has given me so much more! Since that time, I have wanted another. What bothers me is that I could have had three or four based on the monies that I have spent on other bags just because they were on sale. Worse yet--most of those have either yet to be carried or were sold at a loss on eBay. Live and learn they say---I've yet to do that~! LOL!! For some reason, I just can't pass up a sale! Actually, I've gotten better at it since buying the notorious Erotokritos bag!! LOL! Whew! What a mistake. Anyway, I'm sure that eventually I will find the Chloe of my dreams and am proud of myself today for not settling for one that
    I just didn't drool over. I also like a larger bag that what I believe that one to have been. If you run across one you think I might love--please PM me. BTW...which LP bag did you get?
  6. I got the Ashley Double Handle Shopper, which was a closeout. I'd been wanting it before, and it sold out. They had 2 when I checked, so I jumped on that.
    I also ordered the Zoe Long Zip Wallet, which was on sale, too. I just checked, and
    both are sold out, so I can't link pictures.

    I really love their bags. The leather is beautiful, and the quality is great.
    Plus you can't beat the prices!
    I think I have at least 10 of their bags......maybe more if I looked and counted.......