Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo?

  1. I've thought about purchasing this bag time and again, but never seem to be able to pull the trigger. My main concern is if it's "classic" enough. I was hoping to hear thoughts from others about this style Bottega bag - is it a classic - and is it a timeless bag, or one that won't be in style in a few years.

  2. I have this in dark brown, large size. It is quality all the way, and it's not trendy at all. The way the leather falls is just lovely.
  3. I have a large one also, not in black. The boutique I go to said they will probably keep making them for a long, long time; there's so much demand for them. They will always make the standard colors along with a few special colors each season.

    I've never thought of BV as trendy; most of their styles are really classic, including the hobo.
  4. For the ladies that have the hobo style - do you wear them most with casual outfits - or dressier gear?
  5. I recently bought the campana woven hobo style. Check it out on the BV website- it's in their "icons" section, which are the classic styles- and it is indeed a classic. The woven leather is unbelieveable and in my opinion, timeless. I love mine.:yes:
  6. BV's woven hobos are classic. I've got the large 'classic' hobo in black and 'Ball bag' hobo in dark brown (ebano). Love them both. The leather is incredible and they are simply chic. I wear them mainly with jeans and sportier clothes but they are definitely dressy looking enough to wear with a nice pant suit for work.
  7. I have been thinking of getting the ball bag in chocolate for the longest time now but strangely, have never been able to just buy it and get it over with.

    I too would like to know if you ladies think the woven look is going to look dated a few years down the road? :confused1: Would you go for a smooth leather hobo style as opposed to the "woven" NV trademark?

    I so love the luxurious look of it though. But i'm hesitant at spending that kind of money and not being sure of my love for it.
  8. I had a Ball bag, which I sold. I also have a Campana. It is the best bag I own. The leather on BV is amazing and I don't think the woven look will be too dated. It is a very understated bag. I picked the Campana over the Ball bag and hobo, simply because it is easier to get into. I think all three are phenominal bags.
  9. Like Tln I traded my Ball bag for a Campana hobo and it is definitely a classic and I love it more than any other bag that I have purchased so far. I think the woven look is dressier than just plain leather but in my mind you can't go wrong with anything BV. I get a lot of compliments on the Campana.
  10. i have an embossed medium hobo in light tan. i love it! goes well with anything i wear! i believe it's a classic piece!
  12. i love bottega! :sad: i just realized there's no sub forum on it in the designers bag forum... wonder why?
  13. Since my BV hobo is large, I think it goes well with daytime/casual events. If I had a medium one, I'd use it in the evening, especially if I had one in black, brown, etc. I use my BV clutches (they are old) for going out to eat, things like that. Personally, I don't think their woven leather look will ever look dated. They may tweak it from year to year, but I don't think they will ever abandon the look.

    When I registered at tPF, I searched the BV topic and someone else asked about a sub-forum. Can't recall what the answer was, but basically there won't be one. Maybe we need some more BV fans.
  14. I love BV too, and the woven hobo is on my "bags I want" list - it's so classic! Has been around for years and will still be!

    I think they're more casual, especially in the large or the Ball size. I think you can get away with the medium Veneta as a dressier bag since it fits under your arm well, but probably not into evening.
  15. Classic all the way!