Bottega Veneta WISHLIST!!

  1. I thought it would be fun to list our day to day BV lusts! There seems to be something new BV I want everyday - either a maxi veneta, or the ballerina shoes....

    For me:
    I'm really wanting a BV accessory in PINK!

    So what about you?
  2. I've been wishing for this Nappa Umbria Messenger forever.
    nappaumbriamessenger.jpg bottega_veneta_moro-nero_bag.jpg
  3. A Sloane, maybe in Limo.
  4. too many to even list.....
    lets see....
    -large veneta
    -montaigne (sp)

    all in bright colors...
  5. Everything intrecciato! And the RTW. :nuts:

    - Magnolia pig key charm in ostrich :graucho:
    - Something in Old Petra
    - A pair of peep toes pumps from S/S’ 07
    - Intrecciato continental wallet in Ebano
    - A knot clutch

    Gosh, I sound so greedy... but hey, it's my wishlist.
  6. I think the Veneta in Limo, the Campana in Ebano and a knot clutch would be the perfect bags to make up my collection.

    I'd say a fish coin purse as well but I just bought one today! :p
  7. A bag in Magnolia or White. =)
  8. I don't dare to list any at all.... cos' if I do it, then I'll be finding reasons to fulfill my wishlist as I always say whenever I want something, that we only live once, com' on... and if a bag can make me happy, why not!

    Ooops, something just whispered very softly in me..... a ball or a campana perhaps? Nooo... I'm not wishing for any at this moment - FIRM !
  9. -Roma in Old Petra
    -Knotted clasp clutch (haven't narrowed down which one yet, but I love the ones edged in silver)
    -Sloane or Campana, colour as yet undecided
    -The small Limo satchel edged in dark patent that LaVan originally had (not sure of the name)
    -Anaconda bag w/beautiful clasp in Old Petra (totally impractical for me with 3 maniacal dogs who could do some serious damage, but I'm swooning over it)
  10. something in old petra - hopefully a pair of shoes!
  11. Oooh! These are the bags I want want want, which I prolly will never buy :crybaby:

    1) Silver Cabat
    2) Magnolia Large Veneta
    3) Croc Knot (undecided on colour)
  12. I'm so with you on this... I just went to trunk show for Fall/Winter 07/08. There is a new metallic blueish/gold lizard Cabat bag. Beautiful! And of course, the Madagascar tote in Noce.
  13. Due to overspending this year it will be a long time before I can afford these but I can still wish!
    A knot clutch
    Accessories in pink
    The little coin purse that I saw somewhere on this forum
  14. Great thread! My wish is for a Ball bag in Black and a Sloane in Ebano :heart:
  15. My next bag will be :
    Medium/Large Veneta in Black
    Limo Sloane
    uuugh.. if only I have tons of money... :crybaby: