Bottega Veneta WALLETS!? help me please!

  1. So I have my $150.00 Saks giftcard buring a hole in my wallet - so I thought.. "humm, maybe i need a new wallet!":yahoo:

    I went to Saks today to scope it out and found a really nice BV wallet that I like. It's black and woven like my Veneta, it's long and has a snap to hold once part together and the other side has a zip compartment for change, etc.

    Here's my glitch - i'm worried that the "woven" BV part won't hold up that well over the years. Wallets take such a beating.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has any BV wallet advice!!!


    It's like this but it's a long wallet, not the french style:
    Bottega Veneta - Woven French Flap Wallet -

    p.s. (if you don't like the BV wallet are there any others that you would recommend?)
  2. They also had this one:

    ^^^But I didn't like the wrap around zip as much as the snap. The snap seemed more timeless to me.....
  3. I do have the wallet you mentioned in a very light brown. The woven leather holds up extremely well (mine has been thru a lot!). The only issue I have with mine is, where the snap goes in now shows the shape of the magnetic bit underneath. It has also darkened at that spot, which doesn't look good. You shouldn't have this problem, as you're going for black. The other bottega I have is a fantastic shape, but I don't know the name. I'll check tomorrow when I pop into the store. Happy shopping.
  4. ^^Oh good to know! I want a wallet that will last and last for years. I don't hear to much about BV wallets - so I was kind of unsure.

    What else do you guys think? Is it a good looking wallet? Or do you prefer the woven leather in their bags only?
  5. From your description, I have that exact wallet: black woven tri-fold wallet that snaps but doesn't have that little tab. It's long like the zip wallet. Mine gets lots of use and it looks really good. It's about a year old. the weaving isn't loose or frayed. I love it--all sorts of pockets to slide things into, a separated coin purse and a separated bill section. I'm on a different computer and can't post the pics, but it sounds the same.
  6. Here's the wallet that i'm looking at (except this one is in ebano - and i'm thinking of black). Photo's from another forum:

  7. I almost bought that wallet!! I saw it IRL and it is wonderful. Nobody makes brown like BV. Very rich.

    It's weird how every different designer has "their" color. I think BV does great with brown and the very pale colors. Tods has orange.

    I ended up buying a Chanel French Purse. Stitching came loose on the outside CC part so my SA sent me a new one :heart: :heart: to her!!

    But I wish I would've gotten the BV. Good luck! I think a smaller BV may be my next wallet purchase.
  8. ^^How funny, i've been debating getting the BV wallet - or a Chanel one. The BV is a tad less expensive, and my main concern was the weave. But now you guys are reassuring me and i'm starting to lean towards it!
  9. Uh oh...I feel a Saks day coming on. :p I love the wallet! Are you enjoying your new BV? I want to see her in action soon!! She can meet Mary Poppins. :lol:
  10. ^^I'm getting sucked in!!! I checked out the wallets today. Maybe we DO need another Saks day - hehe.
  11. I have the Continental wallet in ebano. Looks like the one you posted, except that the inside is different - I've got card slots on both panels.

    I've had it for about 6 months now, and it's holding up wonderfully! Woven outside looks great, and the leather on the inside is SOOOOOO amazingly soft, I still get a kick outta feeling it when I'm taking out cash :p

    You def won't go wrong with a BV wallet IMO :yes:
  12. The weave wallets mentioned here are made of nappa which is lambskin so it's very soft. You could try those in nappa umbria which is treated lambskin or those in metallic which makes it more hardy.

    Or you could get the wallets made of exotic skins like ostrich, snake, croc etc. These should be more durable but more expensive.

    A good alternative to nappa IMO is deer skin (cervo). It is not as expensive as the exotic leather yet more hardy than nappa. I have just gotten the cervo french wallet in Pergamena (it's like a creamy stone colour). Attached is the continental version of my french wallet (it is also available in Poudre with patent Quarzo plaits instead of patent Limo). The only drawback is it's not entirely woven if you're looking for one that is. I love the intrecciato leather of the BV (guess that's what most of us like about BV) and would still want one that is entirely weaved. :love:

    HTH. Let us know what you decide. :yes:

    Picture taken from BV website.
    Cervo Continental Wallet Pergamena.jpg Cervo French Poudre.jpg
  13. You bit the bullet, ms piggy!! :yahoo:

    Ya Pergamenta wallet is GORGEOUS! The lil braid as a design is so pretty! :love:
  14. I certainly did Nymph :girlsigh: It's just too fabulous to give up :tender:
  15. Oops, the wallet you're looking at isn't the same. Mine doesn't have the tab and the interior is different. but they should wear the same.