bottega veneta wallet?

  1. To all BV lovers here,

    I am recently addicted to their purses and would like to get a woven wallet to match my purses. For those of you own one, are they durable as a wallet, since their leather is so soft? Any inputs will be appricated. My other optioned would be the new LV Damier french purse with 8 credit card slots. Which one do you think is better? TIA
  2. I have an elderly BV wallet and it just gets better and better. Softer and more supple with use. They acquire a patina, so if you like your stuff to stay new-looking, you'll be disappointed. But if you like the look of well-loved leather, you'll start to open it with the respect you'd give a rare book.
  3. I have a woven BV wallet and it really gets a lot of use. It's so well-made, I expect it to last a very long time. Like billysmom said, it gets softer with age. They have different styles, but mine is the long tri-fold and it has 10 cc slots along with a dual coin purse, and 4 pockets. It's deep enough to hold Euros in addition to US bills. I've received so many compliments on it.
  4. I have the woven continental wallet, which I got a couple of months back. Despite being SOOO soft (I still get a high from "feeling it up" sometimes :p), the leather is holding up fabulously, and like boxermom, I get complimented on it quite regularly!
  5. Thank you, billysmom, boxermom and Nymph! I like the french purse on the I haven't decided on the color yet. I will go to the store and check the black and brown color. The leather is just amazing!
  6. any pics? would love to see one..thanks..
  7. Does anyone have the long BV wallet that zips around? If so, will it hold a passport? I'm trying to decide between this wallet and a Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet.

    I'd love to see photos of everyone's wallet (particularly stuffed, so I can see how it will work for me in real life)...


  8. I have the long wallet that zips around. No my passport won't really fit.
    Might be able to cram in it tho, but I don't think you want to do that.

    I love my wallet. It is very durable and holds EVERYTHING!

    I told this story on another thread, but it is so cute, I have to repeat it.
    Sorry to those who already read it............

    I bought my son's girlfriend one for xmas. She loves it so much. She wants to keep it perfect..............

    She carries her wallet (yes with her money, credit cards, etc.) in the box!


    Too funny.
  9. Thanks Gro! I'm very tempted by this wallet. Not sure what colors they have in-store right now, but a nice bright color could be fun.
  10. I have a few BV wallets, and at the moment am using the zip-around long one in the embossed brown leather. Its really convenient except for the fact that I always have problems zipping it shut all the way as the zipper pull on the coin section gets caught! Other than that it is great. If you do go for a light colour though, be prepared for it to get a bit worn looking. If you want a wallet that it going to stay very new looking, LV is probably your best bet. Just my opinion though.
  11. I own the zip around one in purple woven and a continental black woven, but sorry~ I can't comment on how they are b/c mine are still sitting in the boxes. I didn't have a chance to use them as I'm getting some real good use out of my MJ quilted zip clutch. I can give you an opinion on the french wallet though. I did recently sell my LV Damier french wallet to get the purple BV wallet. I didn't like how too deep the slot for the bills were for french wallet. It was hard to quickly get the bills in and out of, w/out fumbling around all the time. I like the long wallets as they are so much easier to get in and out of and there's rooms for receipts w/out having to crumple them up and can fit in a pen as well.

    As long as you get a dark colored woven wallet, it should be easy to care for. I would not get a light shaded woven.
  12. It's wonderful when you can give a great gift to a person who appriciates it and you.

    So... Do you have any (unattached) sons in their mid-twenties to thirties? :roflmfao:
  13. Yes she appreciates it very much.

    My son (very proud of) is a senior at BU. Just turned 22 a few weeks ago.
    My oldest.

    I cannot believe I'm the mother of a 22 year old!!
  14. LOl I can't believe she keeps it in the box! *tries to imagine the logistics*
  15. TOO FUNNY!!