Bottega Veneta versus Jimmy Choo

  1. Hi

    I'm thinking of buying a Mahala bag. Does anyone own a Veneta and a Mahala and if so is the mahala comfortable on the shoulder. I always buy bags with one shoulder strap but really love the colours that the mahala comes in.

    Any help gratefully received.

  2. Hi VKD: I love Jimmy Choo! Very glam vibe and very well made bags. :yes: I have a Ramona (piccie attached), not a Mahala, although the Mahala is definitely on my list. You might try PMing Samantha's Collection, because she has at least one Mahala, I think. Good luck. Or you could try posting in the JC subforum. Everyone is very friendly there.
    Jimmy Choo Ramona.JPG
  3. Hi VKD. I own both Jimmy Choo( as Cosmopolitan mentioned;)) and Bottega Veneta. Very different types of designers. I love the quiet sophistication and the amazing leather of BV. I agree with Cosmopolitan, Jimmy Choo is Glam. My BVs are lighter than my Mahalas. I would definitely say the Bottegas are more comfortable than my Mahala, but I wear my Mahalas alot!
  4. I just brought my JC Ramona out for the season and was shocked at how heavy it felt after carrying BV exclusively since spring! But I still love JC and all its pockets - one thing BV lacks.

    Ditto everyone above - very different bags with different vibes - but both loveable!
  5. I have a JC Rikki and BV. I love the Rikki but it seems so heavy after using Bottega Veneta. (I still wouldn't part with the Rikki though!) I tried on a Mahala but it was even heavier.
  6. I love the Mahala, but as others have said, since I've gotten used to carrying BV, the Mahala felt so heavy.
  7. I saw the Jimmy Choos, I'd love to have one of their clutches. But please make no mistake by comparing JC with BV. IMO nothing compares to a BV.
  8. Me too think the same .... somehow the other brands (at least those that I own, sans Hermes of course - no offence to anyone) can't measure up to BV's quality and workmanship.
  9. Thank you ladies for all your advice. I love both BV and Jimmy Choo. Totally different styles though. I'm so devastated. I was all set to buy the purple mahala and my boss came back from a trip to London with the black one so now I can't do it!!!!
  10. Oh no! :wtf: How sad, frustrating and ironic! I completely understand your plight. Just for her unthoughtful move you'll have to get something smashing (and BV!) to leave her thinking.... wow, I wish I had HER bag!!:p
  11. The irony is that she lusts after my veneta bag in nocce. Such is life. I guess it means I have to save my money for something fab from Bottega's new collection! I wish there were more colours though.