Bottega Veneta Sub-Forum?

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  1. Can we have a Bottega Veneta sub-forum pleeeeease? They have incredible quality and craftsmanship! Thank you!:flowers:
  2. they're gorgeous but they're almost never talked about here. According to current conversations on BV, which are almost non-existent, there's no need for one.
  3. Oh well, it was worth a try anyway:yes: . Thanks Swanky.:flowers: I'll go post it under the general Handbag thread then
  4. LOL! I hope I didn't sound snarky!
  5. I think BVs are talked about quite a lot, now. :yes:

    Alternatively, would it be possible to sticky threads for popular brands (that are not quite popular enough to get their own subforum, yet), to the top of the handbags and purses forum?

    Brands like BV, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli and Celine etc.?

    TIA! :flowers:
  6. Pretty good idea, i will consider it!
  7. ^ Thanks Vlad! :flowers:
  8. Yesssssssssss!:nuts: I would love a BV sub forum:yes:
    Thanks for putting it under consideration, Vlad!
  9. Me, too, on something for Bottega Veneta. We would appreciate you all considering it. :love:
  10. We start new sub forums depending on need... as talk about brands goes up, we will start a new forum. But the stickeys could work out too :yes:
  11. Ooh me too, would love to see a BV sub forum :yahoo:
  12. I would love a BV subforum. Maybe if there are not enough people on it, we could combine it w/ a Tod's subforum, like BV + Tod's? Then there would be more people...
  13. ^ combination could be viable. There are a few designers that can be integrated now... so Vlad and I will discuss it all :yes: :flowers:
  14. I would love the Bottega Veneta forum as well- even if it was combined with something else.
  15. I agree, I love bottega Venta bags :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.