Bottega Veneta SS 2008 Runway Show

  1. Ladies and gents,

    it`s time for the Milan Fashion Week again and today it was finally opened with an appearance by Naomi Campbell.

    Anyways, the BV show will be held on this Wedneday, Sep 25th, so don`t forget to check their website for the video and for the runway pics and please post your favorite looks here!

    Can`t wait! :woohoo:
  2. thanks claus for the heads up~ you are always on top of all the fashion news~
  3. Oh can't wait to see the new 08 colours.:yes:
  4. Bring it on!!!:party:
  5. Oh, I can't wait!!
  6. I can't wait to see the new colours and be tempted all over again.
  7. Yay! :woohoo:

    Love fashion week!

    I will be going to the Macy's Passport 2007 in LA. Anyone else going?
  8. Oh thank you
  9. Thanks, Claus. Time to bring out the crisps :popcorn:
  10. Can't wait, can't wait!! :popcorn:
  11. Claus, thanks for the's 23rd Sept now...... still waiting patiently......
  12. I just watched the video of the Resort 2007 show on their site. Some interesting looking bags. I'll be looking for any info on the show this week.
  13. drumroll time... pics are coming in.

    I don't have time to upload lots since I'm at work, so I've selected the ones that show bags to do first. will work on more for you later



    pics: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni
  14. Thank you!!!