Bottega Veneta small piazza review

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  1. I haven’t seen anyone post a review about this bag, and since this bag will be in the BV lineup for a while even though there’s a new designer for the house it’s worth my time to write.

    All in all, I love the bag, it’s shape and structure are timeless, and the leather is lush and soft. It fits my wallet and essentials comfortably. I do carry it more as a top handle clutch more than a crossbody and it’s been fine - good to use during the day or a night out. Please note, it does not fit a full size wallet.

    !BUYER BEWARE! Inspect your bag before you buy it. There are gazing issues with the Piazza, especially where the flap bends, on my first one the glazing came off within a week. When going to the boutique to choose a replacement Piazza 3/5 of the bags available had glazing issues. [​IMG]
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  2. Thank you for your review