Bottega Veneta Sightings

  1. Today at about 1:30 pm I was enjoying a late lunch with a business associate at Howie's in Town & Country Village, Palo Alto, CA. We were seated at a window table. I saw a large nero veneta pass by - looked brand new. Then, just a few moments later I spotted a nero cross body pass by. I was carrying my violet with clear pvc lambskin satchel.
  2. ^ nice to see the BV on the street
  3. Recently I've seen:
    - a Medium Campana in Ebano, which was just lovely.
    - a Nero Intrecciato Leather Stripe "Punto Mocassino" Hobo

    I did double takes upon seeing both, since I just can't help it when I spot a BV.
    Plus, I've previously seen a Sunset or yellow version of the Punto Mocassino Hobo up close. It's a unique looking bag. The yellow shade was just beautiful.
    BV Intrecciato Punto Mocassion Hobo in Cloth.jpeg
  4. i saw a green roma yesterday. perhaps peridot?!
  5. 3:00 pm today at the Cole Haan outlet in Vacaville, CA. Retail therapy breaks up my drive home from my frequent biz trips to Sacramento. I spotted a lovely Asian woman trying on sandals. A medium, black patent leather cabat was on the floor next to you. Not sure of the official name for this bag. I recall seeing some recent postings of a neutral, beige patent cabat on tPF. I tried to strike up a conversation, but you were very shy. I was carrying my Violet with clear PVC detail satchel.
  6. Late this afternoon after my biz meetings in San Francisco, I ventured into Union Square. After my first stop at the BV boutique where Ivan and team showed me many nice BVs from the fall/winter line up, I ventured into Neiman Marcus. On my quest for the perfect violet nail lacquer, I spotted a very lovely San Francisco lady with a large nero campana trying on make up. On my way back to my car, I ducked into Arthur Beren shoes. Another lovely woman was carrying a medium campana in a blue hue. In looking at colors in our color reference I think it was cobalt. I was carrying my violet lambskin satchel on a very glorious SF day.
  7. Nursery/Kindergarten Orientation Day at my son's school: spotted an indigo blu Parachute, a moro Roma, and a steel large Veneta. (Me? blood Roma again ;))
  8. Nice!
  9. At my graduation! One of my friend's mom is a total fashionista! I've also caught her with Chanel clutches, burberry scarves, and louboutin dafs. :rockettes:
  10. Saw this one today - mesmerizing color! :drool:
  11. Great spy pic!:ninja:
  12. On Friday, I saw a Lady wearing Large Ebano Veneta, but each brown is interwoven with gold string/color. Very pretty. It's a style that I haven't seen before.
  13. Late this afternoon on my SWA flight from LAX to SJC there were 3 BVs - Wow:
    - my large nero belly (my main stay airplane bag)
    - medium ebano belly sitting across the aisle from me
    - a few rows up, a gentleman was carrying a brown intrecciato brief case. The color was like a "milk chocolate."
  14. Last night at Saks in Indianapolis I saw a lovely girl carrying a large belly veneta in ash. It was just gorgeous.
  15. I would love to know where you live. Looks like the mom's were dressed to impress! ;)