Bottega Veneta Sightings

  1. Go make friends!
  2. I saw someone with a bag like this - anyone know the style name?

  3. Well, wouldn't you know it, my hubbie of all people had a BV sighting today! One of his clients carried a BV bag. Yay that he actually recognized it as a BV (how could he not, I only obssess about BV bags 24/7!), Boo that he didn't grill the lady on its stats--style, color, nappa vs NU. He gave me some lame excuse about having to actually work, not gab about bags! He did say it looked like mine (campana) but with one handle.
  4. I was in Chicago this weekend and saw:

    who: pretty young blonde, mid 20s
    where: going into the back entrance of Chicago Place on Rush St, across from the Rosebud restaurant, walking her white poodle
    when: about 1pm on Saturday
    what: a medium ebano (or nero?) veneta

    so, which one of you was it? :nuts:
  5. I love this thread. I saw a medium veneta in orange on a lovely Emirati lady in a shop in mall of the emirates dubai. She helped me pick my large red veneta when I was looking at the green one!!!! V
  6. I have been a BV appreciator for a while now although this is my first stop to this forum. I have a lot of great bags - other brands - that I made sure to rotate while on my numerous trips to the Orient. Each time I would receive positive comments from the very rich woman who owned/ran the office I was doing business with. The last trip I made SHE plopped a bag on the table and boy was she thrilled when I knew what it was right away - A BOTTEGA VENETA - right? It was a gorgeous classic woven brown tote.

    Also on a business trip/vacation with my DH and his fellow execs and their wives, I happened to see that the wife of the head cheese (her DH was representing the parent company and outranked everyone) was sporting a BV. This naturally led to a purse conversation - what else?! I was able to score major brownie points since none of the other wives DO designer bags. Now I have a shopping partner in NYC - LOL!!!
  7. ^^Love that story! Nice to see that your love for bags gave you an edge!
  8. Cool, I haven't seen any BV yet when I've visited Chicago. I love Rosebud restaurant the food is divine. :heart:
  9. I haven't been fortunate enough to see too many people with BV's in my area, but I am always on alert! The first thing I notice about a lady is her handbag! LOL
  10. here is mine: i saw you wearing a medium or was it large ebano veneta! i couldnt tell cause the street was crowded! i was on vacation this summer in dusseldorf and saw u rocking it! it was during the end of august! :nuts:
  11. When? this afternoon
    Where? waiting area of a lobby in Makati

    This lady walked in with her light brown, I think it's NOCE (sorry Im still trying to learn the colours of BV) Campana.:tup:

    ---Darn! I have been carrying my cabat since last week and today, on the day I gave it a rest (and carried my Fendi Spy), that's when I got a chance to chit-chat with another lady with her BV!!!---

    Of course I complimented her on her taste and she complimented me on we're purse friends!:flowers:
  12. Time: Sunday 9/23 around 2pm
    Place: Park Slope, Brooklyn
    What: a beautiful nero medium veneta on a chic lady :girlsigh:
  13. When : Saturday 22nd September 07
    Place: Club 55 (restaurant on the beach in Saint Tropez, France)
    What : a large cabas in Ebano ( beautiful)
    COmment : great bag to go on the beach :smile:
  14. When: Saturday, Sept 29th around 2:30PM
    Where: Saks Fifth Avenue on Rodeo Drive
    Comment: Very excited today! There were quite a few BV sightings.
    First - A chic young woman carrying large Nero veneta.
    Second - An asian woman carrying medium Ebano veneta.
    Lastly... I saw Jamie-Lynn Sigler at BV section inside Saks! She was not carrying a BV bag, but she was holding a medium Ebano veneta while talking to the sales lady.. *probably* trying to decide whether she should buy the bag. She's so pretty...:girlsigh:
  15. When : Today, Sunday, about 12noon
    Where : In church

    I usually don't see BVs around, but when I got to sight them today, not one but two (including mine, 3 BVs (at least) in church today!)..... One was carrying an Ebano Tote (the one with gold buckles on its leather strap) and the other a light yellow (Camel?) Veneta. Too bad I did not get a chance to strtike up a conversation with either of them. Anyone here identifying yourself ???