Bottega Veneta Sightings

  1. When: Sat Sep 1st around noon
    Where: Le Parker Meridien Hotel, NYC
    She was checking out with her new BV Julie,
    I saw the box as well..she probably just bought fr the BV boutique
  2. I am so excited that I had a sighting.
    Where: Japantown in San Francisco outside the crepes/icecream store
    When: Tonight around &:30
    What: A beautiful, slouchy, large veneta in Ebano
    Who: A cute couple, she had him hold her bag as she went to the restroom.
    That didn't seem to bother him so kudos to this guy!
  3. It would be so difficult to recite all BV sightings in London, there are so many around now! I have to admit I am not too thrilled about BV becoming seriously popular here, but then again, on the Mayfair/Knightsbridge/Chelsea line, you can have sightings of pretty much every brand.

    Do you ladies remember my horror and simultaneous amusement when I had my new BV with me at the hairdressers and all four ladies sitting to my right in a row had BV bags!!!
  4. How could we forget that amusing incident? It’s also BV-aplentiful around my work place and Orchard Road (Bond/Sloane St equivalent). I have seen quite a few Venetas (both sizes and perforated ones), Cabats, Ball, Campana, Montaignes. Mainly in dark classic colours such as Nero and Ebano. LV and Gucci are the rage here (esp with the younger crowd i.e below 30) followed by Loewe (Amazona, Aire etc) and Celine (Boogies). For the chic lady of leisures, its H all the way - the amount of Birkins and Kellys (crocs, ostrich you name it) I see around Orchard has me collecting buckets of drool each time I sneak there for a spot of retail therapy – great eye candy but totally distracting.
  5. ^I wonder how big an industry the handbag market is excluding wallets etc. Billions and billions of dollard floating around snugly under our armpits! I tried to calculate how much I've spent on handbags over the last 15 years and I'm fairly traumatised.

    Anyways, hope we can stroll on Orchard Road or Sloane/Bond Street together one day Ms Piggy!
  6. ^ Oh E, wouldn't that be fab! We would probably bring the houses of BV and H down (imagine the look on the SAs' faces being bombarded with 2 non-stop talking ladies asking all sorts of questions, ok that could only be me), and not to forget the restaurants, hairdressers', pubs, shops etc.
  7. You are always welcome to come and visit!!! I could give you a run for your money for talking non-stop though. Oh, do visit, maybe can make a work-related excuse for a short(!) plane ride to London.

    Btw, I need to report from Istanbul, where I am at the moment and in certain parts of town, there is a higher number of venetas per sqm. than in London. Also, funny that I don't see that many BVs in Italy. Loads and loads of Gucci though.
  8. I saw a guy carrying a gorgeous Cabat in Ebano first in Top Shop and then Primark! on Oxford Street, yesterday. The color and leather just looked tdf. I think I might have been staring or drooling. Whilst here in London I've seen more BV and Mulberry than any other brand.
  9. ebruo let's not go down the route of calculating the amount of $$ we spent on bags. my dad was just mentioning that to me last night and said i could very well afford a ferrari if i sell on my bags. he was joking of course. every time i look at my handbags i cannot help but smile so they are worth every penny!
  10. Hahahaaa! That is exactly what I thought when I did the sums up, a Ferrari, no less!!! I have no regrets whatsoever about my BVs and one and only H as well as the Chanels. But all those seasonal Guccis, pradas, LVs etc (not all, I still like some LV items as classics) make me feel ill now.
  11. Maybe not a Ferrari for me but def a Maserati. The first time I had that thought my stomach did a knot and that was just what I spent in the last year. I need to now make way (space as well as funds) for more BVs and the upcoming H.

  12. i know--so right now my goal is to get rid of all those "IT" bags that i bought. i only want to be left with classic pieces.


    i see BV quite often here in metro DC. saw a really cute girl with a large ebano veneta recently. purse ban and my next bag purchase has to be something in ebano:drool:
  13. I think this must be a common feeling of bag lovers who migrate to BV :yes:

    I don't see too many here in Boston, I've seen a beautiful ebano medium veneta on a woman at a gate at the airport, and then a light brown (noce?) ball bag on a beautiful blonde exiting her car in Wellesley center. Even though these were both months ago, I still remember :p
  14. No sightings of BV where I live; none, nada, zilch...only my own! I remain hopeful, though, as someone else in my building received the BV catalogue!!!