Bottega Veneta Sightings

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  1. This is borrowed from the other designer forums, but I thought it would be cool to list the real-life BV sightings we see. I'll start!

    When: Today
    Where: Getty Museum in LA
    Sighting: actress Blythe Danner(aka Gwyneth Paltrow's mother) in the front of the museum with a large sized ebano Veneta. She was talking on her cell phone saying, "Hi, honey. . " I don't know if I was more excited to see a celeb or her gorgeous BV bag!
  2. I am so glad you started this thread! Blythe Danner and a BV bag, double score there.
    I had my own sighting today:
    When: 6 pm today
    Where: On Post Street, near Japantown in San Francisco
    What: A beautiful black woven bag, could have been a ball by the size. (I am still learning)
    Who: A nice looking woman who smiled at me as we crossed the street, either that or she was smiling at my Balenciaga bag!
  3. ^^^
    I love the acknowledgement smiles between ladies with fab purses. I overheard the bag check employees at the Getty talking about Blythe Danner being there so I don't know if that meant she checked in her bag or not. They were men so I'm not sure if they would have appreciated her BV or not, but I certainly did!
  4. In downtown Chicago, in Talbot's children's section, I'm buying something for my grandson and the woman ahead of me, a stylish Asian woman, had her black woven hand bag (not a shoulder bag)--not one of the common styles--sitting on the counter. I know I stared. It looked soft and well-loved.
  5. What a fun thread! I saw a black Veneta last week on Hanover Street in the north end of Boston....a woman taking her son by the hand, crossing the street to get a gelato.
  6. ^^That wins for coolest BV sighting ever!!

    mine: today at a chic children's toy store on Wiscon. Ave in D.C.
    on: a very slender chic African American women wearing jeans and a black button down shirt - a very well worn black Ball bag. It was broken in to perfection! :heart: You could tell she had it for years and loved it to bits. She glanced at my lg. black Veneta on her way out and we sort of smiled at each like: "nice bag!"
  7. I stopped a woman in Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill MA yesterday who had what appeared to be the small campana in pink. Beautiful but on the small side for me. She said she had contacted the Bottega store in NY and had it sent to her. Both she and her mother were lamenting the lack of Bottega stock at Barneys!!!!
  8. When: Yesterday
    Where: LAX Airport(so many designer bag sightings in general in LA!)
    Sighting: A lady with a British accent carrying this in black:
  9. I'm giving this thread a little bump since I finally saw one!

    So ever since I purchased my Veneta, I have been on the lookout for other BV's. I hadn't seen one until this Tuesday. I went to Disneyland and was staying at the Grand Californian. In the lobby, a lady was with her family and I spotted the tell-tale intrecciato! I had been fooled by other woven bags, but this was a genuine large black campana! I was so excited, I kept staring at her and gabbering to my family about what a great taste she had (she also had the one devi kroell for target tote I had been thinking about buying). I'm sure she thought I was a weirdo with no legitimate reason to be staring and I didn't want to go up to her and be even more weird. Anyway, it made me happy!
  10. Some days ago, a colleague of mine had a Qatari woman who had the pleated bag in Noce and a cpl of days ago I saw a lady with a wonderful Parma Veneta in a Viennese café (where my BV tote was sitting next to a Spy and a GH Balenciaga, talk about a purse meeting *lol*)
  11. My friend showed me her new small ebano campana the other day in London, Does that count??
  12. When: Last week
    Where: at a Ralph's parking lot in Orange County
    Sighting: A lady was crossing the street in front of us in the parking lot with her large Veneta slung on one shoulder and a bag of groceries in the other hand. I had to stop my husband and exclaim, "THAT'S A BOTTEGA!!"

    That was my very first (and only) sighting
  13. Ladies, I am so excited to be part of this wonderful site. Just joined today and cant get enough. I am employeed with BV in SF. I manage the boutique and really enjoy it. In the recent weeks, we have had several groups of Purse Forum members meet in our store to discuss thier recent purchases. It is great to know that so many members love the product as much as we do. Our boutique just started carrying the Ready to Wear. It is the the most beautiful collection to date. Please stop in to see it.

    Enjoy, Samuel
  14. Samuel, this area is for sightings only though I suppose as a BV manager you would see a lot of bags on folks!
  15. Welcome, Samuel! It must be heaven to be surrounded by BV bags all day long. . .